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wrike logoWrike is helping people accomplish more. In today’s work environment, collaboration is very important for the timely and successful delivery of any kind of project. However, many project deadlines are still missed even in today’s modern office and teams. One factor that causes missed deadlines and project delays is when unexpected change happens. Project teams try to minimize this risk by planning as much as possible, but still there are no guarantees. Conducting short and focused tests or experiments every now and then is too costly and time-consuming. A better solution is to have project visibility in all phases and to make it available in one’s project management application.

Wrike Reports Provide Visibility Across Teams

Wrike project management application provides project visibility to teams whether across the hall or across the globe. Features such as real-time reports and dashboards help users see real-time information and get insights that can address issues before they become major problems. These issues can come from multiple change requests, unclear priorities or an unexpected bottleneck from a process or resource. But as teams grow and organizations become more agile, people can expect more of these issues. Nevertheless, catching the problem as soon as or even before they happen is possible if teams can recognize them in time.


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Share Interactive Reports Instantly

The new Wrike Interactive Reports available in Business and Enterprise accounts are essential tools that can help users fix a variety of problems. Some of these are:

  • Missed hand-offs
  • Inconsistent priorities
  • Milestones across teams
  • Overdue work, or
  • Unassigned tasks.

Project reports are not new. Unfortunately, most of them are static in nature and not easily accessible. For work collaboration to be effective, teams should have access to shared live, interactive reports. Aside from containing updated information, Wrike Reports uses graphical charts, colors, or custom columns that can provide team members key information and alert them from possible issues. Users can share vital information with another user or group in a single click. After building a report, users can share it by clicking the menu at the top right corner.


Access Shared Reports Immediately

Wrike project management platform supports enhanced communication, transparency and accountability. Shared Interactive Reports provide other team members, stakeholders or external partners an up-to-the-minute view of the project. When everyone is aligned and shares a common view, people can easily identify problems, communicate status or drill down to details. Moreover, recipients of the shared reports can instantly view them from their Reports tab in the navigation menu. Thus, the feature eliminates the need to request and wait for a status update. Users can view the project status through the reports in real-time whenever they want to. Users can update tasks on the fly.


Making Informed Decisions in Real-Time

Wrike Interactive Shared Reports give users the transparency to see problems faster. As a result, solutions become more obvious and team members can act quickly enough to solve problems as soon as they come up and meet project deadlines. Furthermore, shared reports provide users the insight they need to run their business successfully. To read about the new features and other updates, check out Wrike on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn.

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