Wrike Launches New Real-Time Reports, other Enhancements

wrike logoWrike online project management and collaboration software recently announced the launch of a new feature and several enhancements for the software. It continues to help its users get things done faster by adding and improving features that help people get and share information effectively through a seamless, smart and highly visible work platform. After recently introducing custom fields, a redesigned Android app and Salesforce templates, the development team is outperforming its previous efforts with enhanced calendar integration, better document collaboration and an amazing real-time reporting feature.

Enhanced Calendar Integration

Wrike online project management software has enabled calendar integration of tasks for a long time. This feature has allowed users to synchronize tasks and project milestones to several popular calendar apps such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal. Now, this feature can do more with enhanced integration, such that users can publish team calendars while having more control on how much detail will be visible. Marketing teams can publish a shared calendar with all campaigns, events or launches and stay up-to-date as plans change. Project plans on a calendar can be shared to the team in just a few clicks with just the right information, such as due dates only or excluding subtasks, for non-Wrike users.

wrike enhanced calendar integration

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Document Collaboration

Managing so many files and attachments or searching for the right one among the hundreds is a time-consuming activity in every project. However, this can be further minimized by taking advantage of Wrike’s capabilities and not just its online storage capacity for attachments. Many users know about its powerful document editor that allowed users to edit document without downloading while enabling them to share comments real-time. More can be done to get the most benefit from its Document Collaboration capabilities. For instance, writing directly in Wrike instead of in a document can save time. Also, they can use revision history to see changes to the text or to restore a previous version that has been accidentally changed.

wrike document collaboration 1

Wrike is an effective collaboration software that is being used by people who receive countless feedback and make an equal number of iterations in their goal to provide the best product or service. However, this also means creating and updating frequently numerous versions of file attachments. This can be made easier by selecting the “New Version ” link just below an attached file, so that the latest version gets on top of the older attachment and becomes more accessible. Edits to Office documents, image files and PDFs can be made directly without downloading the file just by clicking the pencil icon on task attachments to edit it. Also, using the Quote to reference a previously written comment and then adding one’s comment gives context so that the team knows what one is referring to. This is done by selecting the text being referred to and clicking the quotation mark icon on the left.

wrike document collaboration 2

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Real-Time Reports

In a recent work survey, Wrike discovered that missing information is the greatest cause of work-related stress in the work environment, not to mention its damaging role in project failure and delays. Information that is gathered, edited and submitted repeatedly as it goes up the corporate chain of command is a tedious and time-wasting activity whose aim is to provide the decision makers an accurate big picture of the business, only to be received several days later when the information is already out-of-date. To solve this problem, Wrike introduces Real-Time Reports where Enterprise account users can quickly visualize all work statuses and progress in simple and understandable formats with just a few steps.

wrike realtime report

Right off the bat, users can get an accurate view of business status in just 4 easy steps. Users select the type of report they want to see, then choose the source data which is already inside Wrike. Next, users can use filters to slice-and-dice the data such that what will be shown is what is relevant at the time of reporting. Last, they can choose the layout of the report, whether in a table or in columns. Some of the most common-used reports are Weekly Exec Update, Team Performance, Activity Reports and Accomplishments. Any of these reports can be generated at any time, without delay, with the most updated data. Furthermore, users can group the information or drill down all the way to the most recent conversations to know the cause of an issue. Now, decision makers have a real-time dashboard they can use to drive their business onto the right road of growth and success.

To know more of the latest enhancements and how Wrike can make your day-to-day work easier, visit also their Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn page.

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