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wrike logoWrike online project management and collaboration software continues to add new and exciting features, month after month, since it started in 2007. Last year, 2015, was no exception, but in fact was a very busy year for the Mountain View, California-based company. Some of the highlights of last year’s feature updates were Projects, a new way of organizing larger goals and multiple tasks; Reports, a quick way to gather real-time project information; Workflows, Custom Fields, enhanced mobile apps, and more.

Projects and Reports

Wrike added Projects to the basic PM building blocks of folders, tasks and subtasks to provide users even more flexibility in managing their work. Users can now use Projects to manage a group of tasks that constitute a larger goal. The advantage of organizing some tasks as a project is that users can track the status and due dates of the project as a whole and separately from the individual tasks that make it up. A project can also have files and notes stored to it and accessible to the project team. Projects also provide a higher level of reporting view when tasks simply show too much detail for executives and senior management.

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Reports was launched in the last quarter of 2015 and was made available to its Enterprise customers. It is an easy-to-use reporting engine that enables customers to get real-time status information, thereby providing them the needed insight for making timely informed decisions. Users can create their custom reports by using a simple report builder, where they can select the type of report, choose the source of data, use filters for further fine-tuning, and then select the final layout of the report. In 4 easy steps, users can quickly gather information without having to wait for others to submit, consolidate and send data, that by the time it arrives, the information is already outdated or no longer useful.

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Workflows and Custom Fields

Wrike project management and collaboration software introduced Workflows early in 2015 to enable its Enterprise customers the ability to use the software while creating their own or following an existing work structure. Thus, work moves faster according to the stages the users created in the system. Pre-built common workflows can be edited to create their new custom flow. This can then be assigned to a team or project. Then, users can build dashboards so they can view where tasks and projects currently stands. Also, custom fields and format can be applied from the folder only or down to the subtask level. A new field type ‘user’ also became available.

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Salesforce Templates and OneDrive Integration

Wrike also launched some exciting integrations in 2015 that allowed both Salesforce users and non-users to work together smoothly. The availability of linking project templates to Salesforce enabled sales reps to have a menu of project choices while using their CRM application. With the link in place, once an account executive closes a deal, the project or implementation team can immediately see the new project in Wrike. Another important integration that happened last year was with Microsoft’s OneDrive, completing a host of cloud storage options together with Google Drive, DropBox and Box.

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New Mobile Apps, Starred Folders and More Colors

For Wrike mobile users, the free apps have helped users to remain productive even on the go. Sometime in the middle of 2015, the iOS app has been launched, a completely rebuilt app from scratch that allowed working with tasks, searches and photos very easy. Enhancements on the Android app soon followed, allowing mobile users to edit faster with the Live Editor, Swipe keyboard and continue working in offline mode. A redesigned inbox also helps users to go through messages, even those that have been archived.

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Aside from new functionality, Wrike project management and collaboration software has become more delightful to use with even more folder colors, a couple of Workspace party themes, and a quick way to keep Favorite folders on top by starring them. These features are not only nice to look at, but also are great time-savers when searching for important work items. To know more of the latest features and updates, visit their Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn page.

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