Wrike Introduces Enhancements to Custom Fields and Table View

wrike logoWrike has rolled out two important updates to its software. Wrike is now capable of adding custom fields in folders through an update which was introduced in the month of December. In addition, the Table View has been improved massively to allow for better executive reporting.

Improvements to Custom Fields

In this update, Wrike provided 3 new options which enables you to use custom fields more effectively.

Copying of Data from Custom Fields – To facilitate the use of custom fields in project templates, a choice is added to replicate the values ‚Äã‚Äãof custom fields to duplicate a folder

Summarized Views of Custom Fields – While seeing a main folder, you can now choose to see custom fields sub-folders. For example, within the Team Marketing folder, you have made a sub-folder namely ‘Marketing Campaigns’ where there is a custom field named “Priority”. While seeing the main folder i.e Marketing Team Folder, now what you can do is that you can opt to view the “Priority ” field along with the sub-folder named Marketing Campaigns.

Merging Fields – Users might make a similar custom field in projects that are different. In the start when the projects were joined into single view, every custom field was shown side-by-side. For instance, you can add a budget field to two or more projects but when they will be combined into a single view, it will make separate fields according to the number of projects.

  • Similar Names: When Wrike views data under identical names it will automatically merge the data under those fields into a single field, but if the merge is not required it can easily be undone.
  • Different Names: For instance (Planned Budget, Budget), the option of manually merging data is also provided in Wrike. What needs to be is done is that you have to highlight each field that you need to merge and then click on the “Merge field ” option in the drop down menu.

There won’t be any data loss in case there is data in both fields to fulfill the same task. What will happen is that the data from the 1st field will be presented and the data from the 2nd field will show an alert that will highlight the value from the 2nd field. If you want to undo this, it can easily be un-merged and the data will be overwritten from the 1st field.

Improvements to Table View

This will come as a great news for manager as Wrike’s new update makes it even more easier to export the summary reports of all their projects.

The update has introduced a hide and unhide option for columns in the top left hand corner of the table. Secondly, an option is provided for exporting exactly what is on the screen to format reports even better, with just the information you want to include. Moreover, Time View now includes the ‘Time Spent on Tasks’ option. To view the time spent on tasks, click the gear icon and then select the time spent option.

Report Actual Time Spent and Red-Yellow-Green Statuses
When you create a report for your managers or executives this will enable you to provide them with the exact relevant information they want to see and are interested in. Through this option you can export only the high level of information to share with them.

Through the assistance of Custom Fields you can report through “Red-Yellow-Green ” statuses. You can do this by creating a Custom Field by the name of “Project Status ” with the list of these three colors. When you have performed this task, you can mark the status of every project to export the file and share it with your manager or executives.

This can also help in making comparisons, like the time you planned to spend on a certain task with the time you actually spent. For this you’ll have to make 2 columns in Custom Field namely; “Time Spent ” column and “Planned Time “. When you are done with this, the software will quickly tell you that were you below or above par in performing the task with respect to time constraints.


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