Wrike for Microsoft Teams Update Adds More Features

Wrike project management software is a tool that helps foster team collaboration. Successful projects are always the product of successful team effort. As more companies move away from email threads, they go toward chat-based collaboration tools such as Microsoft for Teams. In March last year, integration with Teams was announced to help users of both apps keep their communication within the context of work. Early this year, with Microsoft’s announcement of updates, the team behind Wrike is also announcing added capabilities to the integration. As a result, users will have an expanded access to their tasks, and an easier way to collaborate, right in their chat app.

Enhanced Work Collaboration

Permalinks are link shortcuts that users can share with others. These unique links can be copy and pasted to provide other team members a way to access specific tasks, projects, or folders. However, when chatting in Microsoft for Teams, it will take a few minutes to go and open Wrike, find a task, and get a permalink that a user can paste and share to a conversation. Moreover, what other team members will see is only a URL without much helpful information.

Now, the updated Wrike for Microsoft Teams adds a new messaging app. Therefore, while in Teams, users can search for tasks right in the chat app. Once found, they can select and add it to the conversation easily. Furthermore, other team members will be able to see a task preview with more helpful and contextual details. This enhances the whole teams’ ability to collaborate effectively on work.

New Personal Experience

Since the first integration of the PM software with the chat app, users have been able to add projects or folders as a tab in a Teams channel. Team members who also have access to the channel can also access the tabs inside it. A new feature to the latest integration is a personal view that enables a user to access all his/her assigned tasks, as well as the tasks he/she has created, in a single view. In addition, they can also see all the tabs that have been created across different Teams channels in that same single place. This personal app experience removes the difficulty of trying to find all the projects that have been added as tabs in multiple channels.

Actionable Messages Added

In the past, an Office365 Connector has been put in place to allow Wrike project notifications to be delivered to the chat app. It is an efficient way to keep the team informed of any progress of the project. Just the same, users have to switch to the PM app to respond to the updates. That is now a thing of the past. With the addition of Actionable Messages feature, teams can take action quickly right in those notifications. They can opt to add a comment, set a due date, change the task’s status, or view it directly from the PM app.

Get more done with your Team

Wrike for Microsoft Teams is a joint effort with a single commitment to helping teams become the most productive they can be. As Microsoft rolls out messaging apps and personal app experiences, users can expect to see them soon as they collaborate in their Teams clients.

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