Wrike: Faster With Chrome App Launcher, Multiple Downloads

wrike logoWrike online project management software is enabling teams to get more things done with new features in its latest release. As it is committed to fast paced innovation, it is also speeding up things to help users start quickly without distractions. A new feature takes advantage of the Chrome App Launcher to help users start the application from their browser tab. Another feature helps users save time when downloading multiple file attachments.

Start Wrike Instantly from Chrome App Launcher

Wrike has integrations with Google and Chrome, and the latest release gives a boost for Google Chrome browser users. Chrome has the App Launcher which allows its users to instantly launch their favorite applications and websites from the desktop or browser tab. It is also a way to organize these apps as the page allows users to move and reorder an app tile wherever they want to. There is also the added benefit of being able to group apps by page, as well as synchronize one’s favorites across devices.

wrike chrome launcher

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The Chrome App Launcher page can also be opened from a browser page by typing “chrome://apps ” in the address bar. Adding Wrike to the list of applications that can be launched by Chrome only requires going to the Wrike Chrome store page and clicking “Add to Chrome. ” This will download the app and will give the users instant access to Wrike while cutting down the time spent searching for the project management software and logging in. It is important to remember that users need to log in to Chrome with the same Google account that they use in Wrike to make this work seamlessly.

Download All Attachments Faster from Wrike

Wrike is also introducing a simple but powerfully efficient feature in their latest release. Some tasks come with multiple file attachments. Downloading the file one by one can take much time, time that can be spent more productively in getting tasks done. To speed things up and remove the frustration that comes with it, it is now possible to download all file attachments at the same time with a single click. Users can click the new ‘Download All’ button which will instantly save all file attachments to the local drive of their computer. It is important to note that this functionality only works with files that are stored in Wrike. For files that are linked in other cloud storage sites such as Box, One Drive, Dropbox or Google Drive, users still have to download them one at a time.

wrike download all

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Other File Collaboration Features

This online project management software has other features also that will make collaboration on files and images easier for teams. It has a File Versioning feature that allows users to update an existing file attachment with a new version. By hovering over the attachment, a ‘New version’ link can be clicked to replace the existing file. After the file is uploaded, Wrike will automatically rename the file to match the original file name. Users can also track changes and restore prior versions. As mentioned, it integrates with other cloud storage services such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. And a quick way to reference someone’s text or comment in one’s own comment is by selecting the words and phrases of the comment and clicking the ‘quote’ icon that appears on the left.

wrike file versions

To know more of the latest updates from Wrike, visit their Twitter, Facebook or Google+ page.

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