Wrike Enhancements Take Task Management Up A Notch

wrike logoWrike online project management software is making day-to-day work much easier by delivering great task management enhancements. This past two months, several new features have been completed and released to allow users to further breakdown work, collaborate easier, search faster and access cross-platforms with smoother integration. The result can only be more transparent and efficient work and projects getting done on time for all its customers.

Task Checklists

Tracking the accurate progress and completion of tasks is vital to the proper execution and control of a project. Some tasks have multiple components and assigned to several resources. Tracking its progress as is without breaking it down further is harder. Wrike added a new feature that allows the project manager to create an accompanying checklist to a multi-component task. It can be ordered by due date, assignee, importance or arbitrarily. This Checklist now allows an assignee to check as completed only the specific task assigned to that person, providing a more accurate and transparent status of the project.

wrike checklists

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Task Search from Dashboard

Wrike online project management software allows detailed tracking of projects and tasks right in their specific folders. However, the quickest way to know what is happening to any and all is through the Dashboard. Also, it is the first page a user sees after logging in. Therefore, to make day-to-day work easier, users can now run a search for a particular task from the Dashboard view. By simply typing the keywords, it will perform a thorough search across folder titles, task titles and descriptions, and even comments to give a close match.

wrike dashboard search

@TaskName and other @mention Calls

As an all-in-one collaboration and project management software, Wrike has introduced employee mention calls in task comments in its previous releases. Now, it has enhanced this feature to include folder name and task name calls. By using the @TaskName format, a dropdown list with related task names will appear in the comments section to allow for adding a link for quick reference. This saves time and effort of finding the permalink of the task or folder, although this is still possible.

wrike at-mentioning

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Updated Apple Mail Add-in

Wrike believes that email remains an important component in communication, so instead of replacing it with social collaboration tools, it has enhanced its integration with the familiar application. For Mac users running OS X Mavericks, the updated Apple Mail Add-in now allows updating and collaborating of tasks directly from the inbox. New tasks can be created, descriptions can be added, and assignments can be scheduled. Also, comments can be posted into the comment box. If the tasks come with attachments, these can simply be dragged and dropped into the email.

wrike apple mail add-in

New Android Native App

Wrike online project management software released last January a new Android native app that is optimized for tablets. It features a new layout and navigation that reflects a more intuitive approach in mobile project management. The interface now resembles more the web interface and has faster speed and steadier performance. It also sports a new mobile dashboard that provides users a better overview of tasks that they can track conveniently. It still has the dependable features present in the previous version such as push notification, interactive Gantt chart, file attachment capability from phones or third party storage service providers like Google Drive.

wrike android app

Do What’s Important

Wrike continues to improve its whole business management solution by improving the individual functionality of its task management, online document collaboration, and mobile project management. Users can accomplish daily administrative tasks easier and focus on what is important for their business.

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