Wrike Dashboards – Improved For Greater Visibility

Wrike gives teams a real-time picture of tasks and activities that mean the most to them through Dashboards. It is a powerful tool that provides project visibility, so team members know who is doing what, how much has been done, and how much more they need to do. Through Dashboards, every member is able to track the most important tasks and the latest updates in their Activity Feed. This feature is now even more powerful with the announcement of enhancements for the Dashboards.

New and Improved Dashboards

Early this year, the Dashboards underwent major improvements in its overall look and feel, a simplified navigation, and an easy and direct way to create one. The project management software’s workspace has been adopting minor but regular changes over the past year. This is necessary to reflect more relevant user experience best practices and also incorporate more modern web technologies. For the Dashboard, users now have the ability to dive deeper within a task for its details. Also, they can resize the column and customize their widgets according to their preference.

Simplified Navigation

The improved Wrike Dashboards now allow users an easier way to navigate through all their Dashboards. Previously, it was challenging to have several at once because of how they are listed on the page. Now, the top line navigation shows the last Dashboard a user has used. To address the problem of having a long list of Dashboards, a drop-down menu provides a solution that improves how people work with them. This paves the way for teams to create and use more Dashboards. They are not limited anymore to view several at once. Moreover, they can custom sort their list of Dashboards and manually adjust them the way they want.

Build Easily from Templates

Some time last year, Wrike gave users the ability to edit custom widgets in their Dashboards. This time, several enhancements will provide them an easier and direct way to build their dashboards. They can create from the Dashboard view, no longer having to go to List view first. Also, several templates are now available for users to build a project Dashboard for a quick start. This can be one with a widget that monitors active tasks by assignee, or one that monitors tasks by status. They can still build custom widgets.

Flexibility with Performance

The new and improved Wrike Dashboards offer teams greater visibility in tracking all kinds of projects and tasks. They also offer flexibility as users can now increase the number of widgets they use, without any problem in viewing several Dashboards at once. Furthermore, the simplified and optimized layout and navigation will allow people to maximize the tools without having to worry of how it may impact performance of the software. In other words, teams now have more options and reasons to use Dashboards as much as they want, the way they want it. They are easier to use and works faster as well.

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