Wrike Brings Starred Folders, Job Numbers, More Folder Colors

wrike logoWrike online project management software continues to bring more requested features in its latest release. A month ago, we shared the news about their new OneDrive integration, iOS app and timeline features. As more people are using this work management tool to complete projects faster, they are also using it for more projects. The latest features now focus on helping them use Wrike easier and faster with a highly visible starred folder section, unique task job numbers and more colors to distinguish folders.

Starred Folders and Section

Wrike provides the personal space as well as the right control to manage individual work. Recently, it has added the feature to star a folder for quicker access. Users in any particular time usually acess two or three folders more often than others. To save precious time and minimize clicks, they can now have their favorite folders and projects appear under a Starred section. To add folders to this section, they only have to hover over a folder, and a star icon will appear on the right side of the highlighted folder. By clicking on it, the folder now has been starred or tagged as a favorite. Under the Starred section, that folder will now appear so that users can go to it with just one click.

wrike star section

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Wrike Job Numbers

As much as we want to use highly visible labels to organize our work, we can say that numbers still do it in an efficient way. And for people who use job numbers to organize and uniquely identify tasks and other work, Wrike now displays a unique job number ID for each task for easy searching and referencing. These job numbers are available in Table View, Task View and Search only.

wrike job numbers table view

To enable job ID numbers via the Table View, users first have to select the folder where they want the job numbers to appear. Once in that folder, they have to select the Table View. By clicking the gear icon on the top left corner, the different columns for that table will be listed, and the user will have to enable the ID column. This process will have to be repeated for every Wrike folder that users want job numbers to appear. Once enabled it will be visible on every task next to the name of the task author.

wrike job numbers task view

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Wrike job numbers are useful in many ways. It can help distinguish between tasks of the same name. This way, the team can have a clear understanding of which particular task is being discussed. If a task has an attached document, it is easy to reference the document as well. It can also function as a ticket number or as a reference for an invoice. Searching for a particular task is more targeted, and can be done by putting the word “ID: ” before the number to search for.

wrike job number search

New Folder Colors

Wrike work management software allows some customizations for users to make it their own. A highly requested enhancement from users is the availability of additional folder colors. And so the latest release now offers a total of 48 colors from four shades of red to purple and more in between, in addition to the three shades of gray. This was made to help users navigate their workspace easily, as well as color-coordinate related folders. To pick a new color, users should right-click a folder, select Color on the menu, and choose the new color from the palette. They also have the option to choose the silhouette icon instead of a color. Colored folders are a public setting.

wrike folder colors

For the latest news and features, visit Wrike’s social media pages: Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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