Wrike App for Slack – Manage Work at the Speed of Chat

Wrike promotes efficient project management for all users, for managers and team members alike. It is one of many work management solutions that enable teams to work better together. When it comes to business communication, Slack has a similar goal for teams. By promoting transparent communications and organizing conversations, teams become more efficient in getting work done. With the new Wrike App for Slack, people are able to get work into the PM software for effective collaboration without having to leave Slack.

The New Slack Dialogs

Business communication happens at high velocity. Slack is a robust chat application that helps centralize conversations but also support team communication at business velocity. Last September 2017, the chat app launched a new feature called Dialogs. Dialogs are interactive modals that can capture information and send them to an application in a single pop-up dialog box. Teams can use them to build forms and extend/support workflows. Prior to this feature, users have to go to another browser window or engage in a more tedious and complex interaction with another app.

Wrike Project Collaboration in Slack

During chat conversation among team members, important tasks can suddenly emerge from discussions. However, at instant messaging speed, these can quickly be overlooked or left behind. With the new integration, users can efficiently capture the needed work and create the task in Wrike, right in the chat application.

The new Wrike App for Slack empowers teams to continue their conversations. In addition, they also enjoy effective collaborations and accurate work progress monitoring. On Slack, users are able to learn of new work developments quickly. Notifications from the PM app are sent to Slack providing teams immediate status report and allowing them to respond accordingly. Permalinks in Wrike are convenient way of finding specific tasks. However, it is not easy to see when posted in Slack. On the other hand, this new integration can show previews of task links in the chat. Thus, teams can view task details without having to open and switch over to Wrike.

Accomplish More Work

The new integration enables Wrike and Slack users several benefits. First, they can create new tasks into the PM app without having to get out of Slack. Wrike is a more efficient system to manage, track and report on tasks. Second, while users chat with their communication app, they receive notifications as work progresses. Therefore, they can stay informed and respond to changes. Also, they can post task previews into conversations. They can do this by inviting the Wrike app to a Slack channel, or use the slash command /wrikepreview.

How to Use Wrike App For Slack

To use Wrike App For Slack, users should first have a Slack account. They should log in to Wrike and enable Wrike’s Slack app. They should follow the setup instructions to authorize the app in Slack. They can use the slash command /wrikehelp in Slack to see the various slash commands. In Wrike, users should select the Slack icon on a project or folder to configure notification settings.

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