Workzone – Full Text Search and Security on Documents

Workzone uses full text search to find your documents

Looking for a specific document but can’t find it? Use the new Full Text Search feature of Workzone! Just type a keyword in the textbox and Workzone will search within the content of your documents, not just the document name or summary! For now, they support searching into PDF’s and Microsoft Word documents, which is the standard in the industry.

Workzone added security on documents

Attaching documents to emails is the old way to work. The new way is to use a collaboration software like Workzone and upload your documents into it. This way, your documents are safe and also encrypted with 256-bit SSL technology. Once your documents are all stored in one place, it’s easier for your team to use them.

Workzone allows you to give access to documents on a user basis, making sure that each user is able to only view documents they are allowed to work with.

Workzone supports file versioning

Need to have different version for the same document? Workzone is the tool you need as it automatically organizes the documents and adds version numbers to them. You can also “check-out” a document to let your team know you are in the process of using it.

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