WORKetc Update – Version 3 of iOS and Android Apps

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worketc logoWORKetc business management software is a total business solution that has CRM, project management, billing, and team collaboration features, among others. It provides its thousands of users a cloud-based workflow management software that helps improve productivity and better manage their growing business. With its iPhone and Android native mobile apps, users are able to work on the road and anywhere else with a fast and responsive mobile tool that can sync calendars and contacts. With the latest WORKetc apps for both iOS and Android, user experience just got even better.

WORKetc iOS App Version 3 New Features

The new iOS version came first. There are system-wide improvements as well as module-specific enhancements. For the general application-wide upgrade, one of the new features is a new side panel menu for more efficient navigation. Users were asking for the ability to add new leads, support tickets and other objects similar to the web version, and now, this is possible. Also, iOS app Version 3 is ten times faster in loading objects with the help of heavy caching. It also checks how current the data being loaded to ensure that the most current is what is displayed. And because of higher resolutions on new iPhone models, the new version scales itself properly for improved readability. A new dashboard also provides a better view of current tasks and events scheduled.

worketc ios app version 3

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Several module-specific enhancements have been made for iOS app Version 3 for WORKetc. For example, a new timesheet system that can be launched from any screen has been implemented. It also now comes with a new Start/Stop timer. Users can see any contact’s activity history including correspondence with them. Advanced and refined filters will make searching of information quick and easy. Images such as photo of receipts or of a business card can be attached to any WORKetc object. The project and tasks module have been overhauled to mirror more closely the web app. The availability of the Activity View and Nest Tree View as well as the all-important Custom field are now included. The Discussion feature will also be available on the iOS app to help users communicate easier while cutting down on the need for sending and receiving emails.

WORKetc Android App Version 3 New Features

The improvements and enhancements made on the iOS app were similarly implemented to the Android app Version 3. Android mobile phone users can expect a better navigation with the new side panel menu compared with the previous version. Users can create new leads, support tickets, and other objects from anywhere in the app. Objects load ten times faster and user interface design is crisp and clear when tested on a Samsung Galaxy S5. It also has the new and improved dashboard to give users a bird’s eye view of their most recent tasks and schedules.

worketc android app version 3a

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Module-specific enhancements on the latest Android app for WORKetc include a new timesheet with a Start/Stop timer. The contact activity history feature now includes correspondence with advanced filtering options. Taking a photo, uploading an image and attaching it to a project, an expense or a contact is now possible. The project module now includes the Activity View and Nest Tree View. Custom fields that allow users to add specific information has also been included in the Android app Version 3. The Discussion feature recently available on the web version has been brought to the Android app to allow users to continue their collaboration even on the go.

worketc android app version 3b

A Total Business Management Solution

With WORKetc, users can be at the office in front of their desktop or out of the office engaging clients, visiting work sites, or closing new partnerships with their mobile devices. Wherever they are and whatever they do, they can count on an all-in-one solution that is ready to help them get their work done. For more updates visit their social media pages: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+.

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