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win friends and customers book coverWin Friends and Customers: Relationship and Business Success from Emphatic Acknowledging is a book that will enlighten readers about empathy, its difference with sympathy, and how useful it is in helping foster good relationships. Whether personal or professional, relationships start and grow with regular and meaningful conversations. However, people sometimes only listen so that they can speak about their ideas and whatever is on their mind. Worse, they speak at times with others insensitively, without actually listening to or acknowledging others’ situation or feelings. This book shows the many benefits that listening with empathy can bring.

Book Details

This first edition paperback was published on November 3, 2014 by 4444publishing Company. It has 148 pages. The front cover displays the title in large fonts at the top. Below it is a photo of two professionals who seemed to be conversing. Just below the photo is the subtitle, and at the bottom is the name of the author. ISBN-10: 0990775402; ISBN-13: 978-0990775409


$9.45 for the paperback edition


Target Audience

Win Friends and Customers is for people who want to improve their conversation skills and, as a result, be able to gain new relationships, and correct or enhance existing ones, both personal and professional.

What Customers Say

J. Guild describes the book as a different kind on the subject of effective talking or communicating. He further described the short book as able to define the concept of empathy and how to employ it in conversations in a clear manner through many examples.

Charles Ashbacher gave it 5 stars rating and stated that the book’s discussion on how empathic acknowledging as part of a person’s interactive repertoire can help alleviate many major problems in all types of relationships.

Mike Morrison described the small pocket-sized book as a great read for professionals who may want to learn how to gain better customer relationships that will lead to repeat business.

Content, Approach, Style

Win Friends and Customers is divided into 14 chapters. Chapter 1 is about empathic acknowledging, followed by a chapter discussing the difference between empathy and sympathy. The third chapter discusses how to move from no empathy to empathy. The book continues on with discussions about listening, talking, and helping in different situations. Chapter 6 titled Business Success is especially for business persons, with the chapter containing conversation examples that can be used during business conversations.

The book uses many conversation examples, short paragraphs, bulleted lists and plain English. This writing style helps readers easily read and grasp the concepts of empathy and emphatic listening. It is a short book that can be read during commutes, and is a pleasure for some to read over and over again.

Why Buy the Book

Win Friends and Customers is a good book that tackles something that has been taken for granted: listening skills. When properly learned, this soft skill can be applied to help foster better personal and professional relationships. A good project manager is an effective communicator, and adding emphatic acknowledging to his or her skill set will definitely have a positive impact in the course of conversing with different project stakeholders, such as sponsors, users, vendors, contractors, and the project team.

Books that Complement

Leadership in the Crucible of Work by Dr. Shugart is a recently published book about how work transforms people and how authentic leaders can discover guidance and remain true to themselves.

Adkins’ Coaching Agile Teams, on the other hand, is a book that helps traditional project managers transition to and become agile coaches by learning a new structure and new skills as a mentor, teacher and conflict navigator.


Lawrence J. Bookbinder was awarded a Ph. D. in clinical psychology in 1959 from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, USA. He has earned licenses to practice in the states of Michigan and California. He practiced clinical psychology for over 30 years. During Dr. Bookbinder’s career, he authored and co-authored articles in professional journals and supervised psychologist and interns. He chaired an organizing committee focused in psychoanalysis. Later in his career, he became a Fellow of the Psychotherapy Division of the APA. He continues to share knowledge about the use of empathy and listening skills to foster happy, good relationships in several websites.

$9.45 for the paperback edition


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