Why to use Open Source CRM Software?

Today, business success depends on good relations between the company and its customers. Open source CRM software will help make contact and keep in contact with clients. The chosen CRM software will affect the implementation of this interaction. Thanks to open source CRM software, a company manager can offer a higher level of service than previously possible. As a result, customer needs are always met. Typically, this software helps businesses share information between departments, attract customers by facilitating a constructive dialogue and build programs to interact with customers.

Proper management of customer relationships using open source CRM software

It is also saving time and salaries of technical personnel, because now it is possible to answer questions and engage most customers with a convenient service through the phone, chat, or email which operates through the company website, connected to the CRM.

This means that managers can take full advantage of all opportunities and offer better service.  Customers see the company “going the extra mile” and interpret this as respect and appreciation.

The use of open source CRM software

Open source CRM is a breakthrough in establishing a good relationship between the organization and the customer. Today it is clear that without such programs for customer relationship management, business will not be quite successful. It’s simple: such software makes life easier for the staff and customers. Today, client services are increasingly served with CRM software that allows making the buyer-seller relationships more profitable/enjoyable for both parties. But such programs themselves are not the solution. Do not forget that they are only an instrument for the implementation of strategies for managing customer relationships, and they do not replace them.

The progression of open source CRM software

First, open source CRM software existed only in standard formats with all the necessary or unnecessary features. Later specialized software packages targeted to different areas of business became available. Today there are many options: you can buy a standard configuration; you can buy customizable or modular CRM software, which is adjusted according to the needs of each individual company. Now it is very popular to buy software on demand (a vendor develops a web application and manages it, allowing customers to access the software through the Internet).

Open source CRM software on demand is focused mainly on small and medium businesses that are trying to increase sales effectiveness. These software packages provide chat rooms, have e-mail,  and they make it possible to monitor trafficin real time, as well as offer a variety of interactive applications that help companies build mutually beneficial relationships with customers. Software on demand is available on a lease basis; the access to it is implemented remotely over the network and the support of such software is made available through its developers.

One of the greatest examples of open source CRM software is SugarCRM. Let’s consider its main benefits: quick and easy modification to the customer’s business processes, due to it being open source; the system is written in a popular programming language (PHP), which allows to make easy modifications and reduce the cost of support; the system is free (in the version of SugarCRM community edition) for an unlimited number of users. For it to work, the technical environment is also free (operating system Linux, database MySQL, web server Apache, the PHP interpreter). All of this can significantly reduce implementation costs. There is no need to install special software on each computer because the solution works through a web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.). Lastly, you can work in the system from anywhere in the world (requires an Internet connection) from any device (laptop, mobile phone, PDA).

And its greatest advantage is the total cost of ownership – minimal.

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