Why the big players choose the Lithuanian way of managing projects?

The biggest problem with project management tools in big companies is not finding them, but finding ones that fit the whole company.

There is a plentiful of project management tools to choose from these days – you have server and online based ones, ones that offer every feature imaginable, white, black and probably even pink ones. With this overwhelming supply, most companies get confused when trying to find a new or switch from a previously used tool. They usually choose a tool based on current requirements, recommendations or popularity. However, one criteria that most companies forget in the initial picking process is adaptability.

Not Easy Finding the Right Tool

At first, it may seem that adaptability is not important – you find a tool that fits all your current criteria, maybe even more, and start using it immediately. However, it is not just that easy. Because it is not only the tool that needs to be great, but also the employees that need to love it and use it daily. Therefore getting a tool that will require additional time effort and money to implement is not ideal for anyone. That is why big corporations look for adaptability in their tools before anything else.

A company that understands this requirement very well is Eylean. A small Lithuanian startup made it their priority 3 years ago not only to create a project management tool that is easy to use and offers many features, but also one that can be used and adapted to any team and company out there.

The Eylean Board

A small startup offers a project management tool called Eylean Board. It is based on the simple whiteboard and sticky notes concept ‚Äì moving the sticky notes through the progress columns as the tasks are being worked on and completed. However, instead of a physical whiteboard, the tool brings multiple relevant boards to every team members’ work station, making it even easier to coordinate, track and complete projects. Various additional features such as time tracking, reports and integrations have been added and are still being updated today, to bring the best of project management experience to Eylean Board users.

Eylean Board

The beauty of this tool lies in the possibility to change anything and everything at all times with just a couple clicks of a button. In order to fit any and every team out there, Eylean team made sure that the tool could be modified in several ways: different boards for different departments with tasks that can be dragged and dropped between them, ability to change the layout of an existing board, while keeping all the tasks in place, possibility to change the board type, for those still trying to figure out their perfect method and more.


By deciding to create a tool that adapts to the company’s’ process instead of the other way around, Eylean brings exactly what the multinational companies are looking for. It is a product that can be implemented easily, changed at any time and used by all of the different teams within a company, while still having everything in one place. Will you start looking for more adaptability as well?

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