Why Small Agencies Should Focus On Project Management

Group of successful business partners in casual communicating at meeting in officeSmall digital agencies ignore Project Management in the early stages of their business. They emphasize more on the creative freedom of designers and developers to deliver the best product that exceeds their clients’ expectations. It works well for the first few clients. However, as the business grows and acquires more customers, they start missing the deadline or delivering less than their best-quality services. The situation becomes worse when a key team member leaves the organization. The going gets tougher when you acquire a new client but lack the bandwidth to deliver the services. Missed deadlines or sub-quality services spread in the market like wildfire and tarnish reputation.

Project Management discipline can help organizations deliver the high-quality services without restricting the business growth. The agencies that work on small-ticket projects or have few number of employees can also take advantage of Project Management’s best practices to control costs and make their service delivery more efficient without stifling the creativity and innovation.

Let us see the benefits of using project management expertise in small agencies:

Improved Efficiency and Quality of Services

Project management entails the breakdown of the deliverables in smaller tasks and activities, assigning each task along with the deadline, and ensuring effective coordination among the team members. People know what is expected out of them. In a creative team, when the members have clarity on their roles and the deadlines, they can work efficiently and without worrying about last minute surprises. Thus, the project management processes help individuals to focus on what matters the most and use their creative freedom to achieve their goals. This will lead to increased team productivity and better quality of overall service delivery.

Optimum Performance of People

There are many people in small agencies who work on multiple roles. Everyone contributes to the success of a project. Many times the roles are not clearly defined and members help each other in achieving the goals. As a result, some people work more than others. In many cases, when an agency acquires a new project, they are not sure if they have the required bandwidth to execute it. The implementation of PM process will help agencies optimize the performance of their people while keeping a tab on various stages of ongoing projects. The PM techniques also help organizations in dealing with situations that arise when a key team member leaves the organization in the middle of a critical project.

Improving Scalability

For agencies, acquiring a new client is difficult and requires a lot of hard work in business development efforts and ad budget. Therefore, cross-selling and upselling is the most profitable way to generate more income. The high quality of services and consistency in meeting deadlines will improve the relationship between agencies and their clients. The companies can leverage the relationship to cross-sell and up-sell to existing customers.

The current business processes can also be replicated to deliver a similar project for other clients. Thus, the Project Management discipline ultimately leads to higher growth prospects for the companies. It will also help in standardization of services that will lead to more profitable growth and better scalability.


Following the right project management practices will boost the creativity of team members rather than becoming an obstacle to the creative freedom. Investing in project management doesn’t mean hiring an expensive project manager or documenting each and every activity related to a project. You can begin by adopting the broad philosophy of project management in day to day business operations. Gradually, standardize some of the processes that are repetitive in nature. You can also invest in cloud-based project management tools and software such as Basecamp and Trello, etc. These tools can help you streamline most of the processes and eliminate the requirement of a project coordinator. If you decide to adopt Project Management practices, you need to be patient to devote some time to make it a success.

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