Why Internet Monitoring Is Essential For Managing Your Employees

Back in the day, companies didn’t have to worry about technological devices like computers and cell phones in the workplace. Flash forward to today, where companies thrive and grow thanks to the availability of these technologies. The internet is a great resource for companies to reach customers locally and abroad, and to find additional business opportunities.

However, the internet isn’t all rainbows and butterflies when it comes to employees’ use of it. It’s filled with distractions and threats that could negatively impact a business’s progress and growth. This is why many companies end up using internet monitoring software to keep an eye on their employees’ online activities. Has your company enacted any internet and workplace surveillance software and protocols? If not, it’s essential you learn more about online monitoring and how it’s crucial for your business to do so.

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What Is Employee Internet Monitoring?

Simply put, companies can monitor their employees’ internet and device use with a monitoring tool. From your monitoring software dashboard, you’ll be able to view the internet activities of all of your employees remotely. This also applies to employees who work in the field or at home. There are many paid and free internet monitoring programs to choose from, but it’s best to get a paid version from a reputable company.

What Internet Activities Are Companies Able To View?

There are practically no limits when it comes to the internet activities you can view on your employees’ devices. These activities include:

  • Search engine queries on Bing, Google, Yahoo, and more.
  • The Wi-Fi internet connection their device is using.
  • Web sites they visit.
  • See what they’re doing online in real-time.
  • Sent and received company emails.
  • Social media activities (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
  • Skype and Slack video chat and messaging history.
  • YouTube videos watched.
  • Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage documents.

Is Internet Monitoring Software Legal To Use In The Workplace?

Yes, internet monitoring employees is legal as long as: 1) The employee gives their verbal and written consent to be monitored, and 2) The monitoring software is only used on company-owned devices. The monitoring of personal employee devices and accounts is illegal.

Why You Should Use Internet Monitoring Software For Your Business

See If Any Employees Are Slacking Off

The driving force behind a business’s success is its employees. Companies hire employees to fill a position and accomplish certain tasks on a daily basis. However, when employees are slacking off, these tasks may fall through the cracks and take more time to complete. As a business, you want your staff working optimally and to do their part. And the only way to see if they are doing their job or aren’t performing up to par is by monitoring their work.

Stop Non-Productive Activities

According to Salary.com, 21% of employees waste 5 hours a week on non-work related activities. These time-wasting activities include browsing social media, watching YouTube videos, texting, viewing news sites, and checking personal emails. Often, employees participate in these activities on company-owned devices. By wasting time, employees aren’t performing their job to the fullest and could be impacting the business’s performance. By using internet monitoring, you’ll be able to see if your employees are participating in such wasteful activities.

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Ensure Employees Aren’t Sabotaging The Business

Threats to a business don’t just exist from competitors, but from their own employees. If an employee doesn’t feel respected or appreciated, or is disgruntled, they may want to take it out on the business. This could involve sabotaging fellow employees, lying about a potential opportunity, or giving business secrets to competitors. Any form of sabotage can have a hugely negative impact on the company. By monitoring employee emails and communications, you can see if any employees are communicating with the competition or downloading important files they shouldn’t be.

Protect Your Business From A Data Breach

According to Statista, there were about 1.244 million data breaches with 446.52 million records exposed. And well-known companies aren’t excluded from suffering a data breach like Yahoo, Equifax, and Marriott. Online criminals who are responsible for these data breaches look for targets that they can easily access, including small businesses. Small businesses are specifically easy to hack as they usually have fewer security measures and protocols. To prevent your business from suffering a data breach, you need to monitor what sites your employees are visiting, what software they download, what Wi-Fi they use, and what emails they open.

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Keeping your company secure, safe, and thriving is no laughing matter. You’ve put time, money, and effort into your business, and don’t want to see it wasted. That’s why it’s essential to use internet monitoring software to keep an eye on your business’s online activities.

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