Why A Virtual Phone System Is Important For Effective Project Management

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Project management is more than doing the planning and executing a project. Communication ranks among one of the fundamental keys for success in project management. A project plagued by communication problems leads to delays, workplace conflicts and differences in stakeholder expectations. An effective communication is often cited as the greatest contributory factor to the success of projects. Hence, it is an absolute must that you should employ effective communication methods to ensure success of the project.

Ways for effective Project Management

For the successful implementation of effective project management, it is in essential that all stakeholders involved in the communication must respond to each other in real-time. Face-to-face meetings, virtual phone systems, video conferencing, emails and messenger chats are some of the interactive communications tools that are used in the process of project management.

What is a virtual phone system?

A virtual phone system is a full-featured communications tool providing businesses with the ability to work with others over a distance. It allows people to collaborate and connect irrespective of their time zone and geographic placement. It enables organizations to stay connected even during unforeseen circumstances like bad weather, travel delays, law and order situation, etc.

A cloud based virtual phone system securely delivers high quality voice, text, fax and sophisticated features at a fraction of the cost of a traditional on premise phone system. It eliminates the need of having PBX hardware. Virtual phone systems provide connection between two or more people residing in different locations for the purpose of communication. At its simplest, it provides transmission high-quality audio between multiple locations. As long as you have Internet connection, connectivity is there from practically anywhere.

Virtual phone systems keep the project stakeholders abreast of the latest developments, goals, updates and other changes that take place during the process of project management.

With several methods of communication, a project that uses a virtual phone system is more likely to achieve its purpose. A virtual phone system is a valuable collaboration system that aids project managers in getting better results and streamlining the processes. Apart from helping PMs achieve the goals, there are several benefits of a virtual phone system in managing projects.

How a virtual phone system is important for effective project management

Given below are the benefits of replacing one’s traditional on premise phone system with a virtual phone system for success of projects.

Travel Savings

The foremost benefit, and arguably one of the best reasons to embrace a virtual phone system, is the reduction in unproductive travel time and expenses. It eliminates the stress of spending long travel time. Today smart businesses are taking resort to collaborative tools to overcome challenges of budget and time constraints. By using a virtual phone system, every stakeholder is in contact, from the office, home, the park, on holiday and pretty much anywhere else as long as they have an Internet connection. It prevents long travel time, pushing the actual conference date further down. Apart from reducing travel costs, a virtual phone system also minimizes travel risk.

Cost Efficiency

In the era of an uncertain economy, businesses are faced with the challenge of cutting costs while at the same time continuing to deliver innovating products and services. Hence they are left with no option but to reduce costs and take austerity measures. Virtual phone systems help them cut costs like hotels, airfare and expenses. Another reason why virtual phone systems are becoming preferred choices of businesses is that they are less expensive compared to legacy systems.

Adoption of a virtual phone system also leads to a significant decrease in maintenance costs. Since the hardware is stored in off-site locations and owned by vendors there is less demand for in-house IT staff. In some instances, this could even mean lowering overhead.

Increases productivity and efficiency

The benefits of virtual phone systems are immense when it comes to productivity. It enables people to have a virtual interaction from different locations resulting in high productivity for them. When any of the stakeholders has an idea, they can form a group conference call to create shorter and more structured meetings on a moment’s notice and share the idea with others.

Virtual phone systems allow people to have a proper balance of work-life. Since they don’t have to spend a week or weekend without the company of family members, they are a happier lot knowing they have time for their family and themselves.

Multi-Point meetings across different time zones

Virtual phone systems have the potential of overcoming the challenge of differing time zones and locations. They give competitive advantage to your business because they have the unique capability to bring in or join various stakeholders from different locations for a common discussion which is critical for a project. Put simply, virtual phone systems allow people located in different time zones to collaborate and connect seamlessly.


Effective project management is the lifeblood of any business which is always on their toes to meet the demands of the competitive market. In this 21st century, it is imperative for businesses to take advantage of virtual phone systems for ensuring successful projects.

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