What’s New in Genius Project Version 7.2

genius project logoGenius Inside, the provider of Genius Project enterprise PM software, has remained dedicated in its mission of making the lives of project managers easier. On October 1, 2013, it released the new version 7.2 as a testament to this mission. With the addition of new great features and the improvement of more than 150 existing ones, v7.2 will not only make lives more comfortable but also improve project delivery and outcomes significantly.

New Version 7.2 Features

Easier Project Tracking – Tracking is an important process that helps ensure deliverables are completed on-time. New Version 7.2 features have made this activity a lot easier for the whole project team.

  • Genius Live! Personal Dashboard – This new personal dashboard for team members is now displayed at the right side of the screen. It provides the users all information about their tasks and To-do items. Therefore, less navigation clicks are needed to view important project updates. In addition, users can directly update task status from this pane, resulting in a more streamlined way to update work and remain in constant communication with the rest of the team.
  • Editable views and bulk edit – To deliver an even quicker access to records, many of the list views can now be directly updated without opening specific records. Inline editing allows users to change values of records as shown in a particular view. Furthermore, bulk edits allow multiple updates of records in a view. Again, this results in more ease-of-use for editing multiple project details.

genius project v7.2 screenshot 1

Enhanced Gantt Chart & Reporting – Project planning and analysis become more powerful and meaningful when PM and analysis tools are flexible enough to take different types of user input. Genius Project Version 7.2 has made this achievable.

  • Enhanced Genius Planner – Aside from the better look and feel of the Gantt chart, users now can opt to define the task properties directly in the chart. The task description field is now capable of receiving more than text with its rich text features. Project planning and scheduling is now easier and faster to do.
  • Additional customizable fields – Project administrators can add custom fields in any project record or form. This allows for the standardized capturing of information for greater data integrity. These custom fields will now be available in views and reports. As a result, business processes can easily adapt to any requirement without costly, complex or time-consuming custom software developments.

genius project v7.2 screenshot 2

Better Social Team Collaboration – New Version 7.2 takes the Genius Live! social collaboration platform a notch higher by including powerful but familiar social media capabilities through email and other application integration.

  • All email within Genius Project – Project team members can now collaborate easily with external clients through email within the PM software. There is no more need to open another application and forward conversations and documents to the application. Now, users can send and receive emails, receive notifications when responses arrive, and manage and review project conversation threads in one place.
  • iCalendar and Outlook integration – Users who also use Outlook will now be able to view their Genius Project tasks and To-do items in complete sync with their Outlook calendar. This additional feature, with project forums and planning tool-calendar-email-to-do integrations, just made social team collaboration more beneficial.

genius project v7.2 screenshot 3

All in all, the internal collaboration platform together with external email intercommunication and other features are allowing Genius Project Version 7.2 provide a more complete project picture. And this is enabling more organizations to manage their project life cycles successfully from end to end.

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