What is your idea of project management?

What is your idea of project management? Is this the ability to track the time spent on a particular task? Would you be satisfied with regular reports from a person or a group of people to observe the overall progress of the project? If you are a CEO looking for an opportunity to evaluate the productivity of each department of your company, you might be just satisfied with what regular project management tools have to offer.

However, if you want to make your business truly efficient, you’ve got to realize that project management is a lot more than what was mentioned above. For some reason, many business software vendors still offer such features as document management, wiki or business collaboration for instance, as separate services having nothing to do with projects. This accounts for the egocentric character of most project management services that are only good for those who track the progress of a project, not for those who are actually working on it.

TeamLab, an office suite for small and medium businesses, encompasses several features useful for the productivity of the whole team, not just the top-management. The main advantage is interconnection of its modules that ensures maximum efficiency when it comes to task fulfillment. Creating a promising project is impossible without assigning the right people responsible for it. That’s where community module comes in handy with all the departments and employees involved. The combination of the two modules lets you monitor how many tasks a particular person is involved in and decide whether you want to increase the workload or not, but that’s not all. Intrinsically, you are enabled to look at the real person, with all the necassary details like email, phone number, accounts in social networks and the room where he or she is working rather than just another John Doe involved in a project. The depth of internal collaboration on a horizontal level determines the outcome of the project. Due to this reason such features as forums, discussions, bookmarks, blogs and of course wikis were implemented to improve communication between the team members working on a project.

The documents module is another example of a successful modules’ symbiosis. It’s hard to imagine a project that wouldn’t involve tons of paperwork that has to be accessible round the clock. The ability to share documents with certain people or departments fast and edit them online has become vital these days. The usage of third-party services in this case contradicts with the idea of optimization. That is why TeamLab users can execute document management binding their tables, presentations, images, etc. to a particular project or task.

To put it in a nutshell, businesses are facing a number of problems separating project management, business collaboration, CRM as well as document management from each other. Dealing with several service providers at a time results not only in financial losses, but also in communication failures. TeamLab, allows you to keep everything in one place. Instead of being just a much talked-about project management tool it enables you to create a full-scale web office in the cloud.


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