What is Digital Project management and why your creative agency needs one?

Today, agencies are hiring digital project managers to help streamline all activities, deliver projects at a faster rate and beat their competition.

The need for digital project management is on the rise. Did you know that the average salary of a digital project manager in the United States is around $63,174? It can be even higher if an individual has more experience.

The skills of digital marketing project managers, digital producers are in high demand at creative agencies as the need for proper management of resources and time is increasingly becoming high.

So, what is digital project management?

In digital marketing, there are different projects that a creative agency must do. From creating a new website to launching a new mobile app, projects can be of many types. To ensure these projects are managed smoothly from concept to completion and within the budget and schedule, digital project management is required.

This means someone must plan, allocate, track and review everything that is going on. While today many agencies are using project management software, someone still needs to be at the helm managing everything. This is where digital project manager comes in. 

And having digital project management at your creative agency can do you a lot of wonders.

So, lets dive into the reasons a creative agency needs to use digital project management:

1. Creating project plans, timelines and budgets:

As soon as an account manager completes the initial meeting with clients, digital project managers create project plans to ensure smooth deliverability.

For instance, if a new social media marketing project comes in, a digital project manager will create timelines for the following tasks:

  1. Audit of all existing social media presence of the client – 22nd July
  2. New content creation for platforms – 26th July
  3. Client approval on new content created by the agency–30th July
  4. Scheduling and uploading the content (content calendar) – 5th August

Having someone do this, helps everyone on the team to know what they must do. It offers them a complete picture and the deliverables they must meet.

And the digital project manager will ensure that everyone meets the deadlines. They will consistently ask for statuses, ensure that they align all teams with each other. For example, the copywriter creates the micro-content for the community manager on time.

Last, they ensure that everything is being done under the budget. You don’t want to lose your capital on useless man-hours.

2. They remove roadblocks, solve problems and help in managing resources:

Digital project management is about streamlining all processes at your creative agency. When three to four people are working on a project, problems can arise, like if the agency is trying blogger outreach initiative for its client, chances are they can’t manage the responses from different blogs regarding costs and rules for posting content.

One of the key blogger outreach lessons is organization, and in this case, a digital project manager can help the team in managing everything on a Google Sheet or task management software like Asana.

A digital project manager has a holistic view of every person working in a creative agency. They therefore can help teams with their tasks by assigning more resources, asking for more time from clients, etc.

3. Quality assurance:

Digital project managers are successful in their job because they themselves have worked in digital marketing space.

What this means is that before sending anything to the client, they can do QA of the deliverables and ensure nothing is amiss.

For instance, if the client requested new emails for their marketing campaign, a digital project manager can check if they are properly optimized, the fonts are loading properly and whether the colors are matching their brand guidelines.

It helps in a better quality of work going to the clients.

4. Deep knowledge of project management

Unlike an account manager or digital marketing manager, a digital project manager understands different methodologies and techniques of project management.

They manage projects using Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall, all of them imperative for your agency’s success.

A digital project manager can also offer recommendations for better productivity. For example, using Slack for all in-house communication or using Airtable to manage all content creation activities.

More than meets the eye:

Having a digital project manager at your creative agency can offer you a lot of benefits since they have many skills that come in handy. For instance, a typical project manager knows the following things:

  1. Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS
  2. Social Media marketing and SEO knowledge
  3. Copywriting and editing
  4. Negotiation and problem-solving skills
  5. Incredible attention to detail
  6. Account management and relationship building

And much more! So hire one today.

Josip Mlinaric

Josip Mlinaric

Josip Mlinaric is e-mail marketing and outreach specialist at Point Visible, a marketing agency providing custom outreach and link building service. He likes to say he has a simple and calm mindset in his approach towards life in general and likes to relax with experimenting in the kitchen or just chilling listening to music.

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