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Overview Presentation

WeBuild is an online construction management software that lets users improve how they run their construction business. It is a platform for project management and collaboration, task automation, document management, and more. Clients and their partners are able to optimize their project and business management practices with innovative yet intuitive technology-based solutions.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Project managementWeBuild project management tools let you complete tasks, collaborate in the office or in the field, and monitor project status easily. The Daily log lets you and your project team record daily site activities from your desktop or mobile device. Add photos, attachments, and notes, get real-time daily weather forecasts, search across your site diary for a specific term, and export results to a report. Task management lets you prioritize your to-do list, assign tasks, add checklists, attachments, or comments, and track due dates with automated reminders. Other features include a scheduling tool that integrates with MS Project, a Meeting Minutes manager, a materials purchase order and delivery manager, and easy-to-respond email notifications.
  • Bid and Contract management – The construction management software includes a bid management tool that lets you streamline your bid package preparations and scope of work templates. Subcontractors do not need to create an account to download packages, update their pricing participation, and submit a quote. You can also post your bid packages to your company portal, and expand your network to a community of pre-qualified contractors, while the software automatically updates your bid package when new documents are uploaded. The Contract management features cover backcharges issuance and tracking, change order management, delay causation recordkeeping, a delay notice tool, extension of time claims management, non-conformance tracking, and project submittals and workflow management.
  • Document management, Quality and Safety, Dashboard, Reporting, and more – WeBuild document management tools let you streamline your construction project document workflow for different teams. Collaboration is built-in, allowing multiple teams to work together on drawings and markups. Critical quality and safety management features include tools for punchlists, safety observations and notice issuance, and safety inspection templates. Realtime dashboards provide full visibility and the latest information on all your projects. Customize your project dashboard to access tools and data related to your role. Generate summary reports from project forms, document registers, and bid reports, and export them with your company’s logo and project details. Native mobile apps for iOS and Android are available.


WeBuild offer several pricing plans that fit different company requirements. A 50 percent discounted pricing is currently available up to June 30, 2020 as the company’s way to express support in this difficult times. All plans include for unlimited sheets, projects, and collaborators. The Plan.it subscription plan is priced at $9 per user per month billed annually. It is ideal for companies who want to manage their own project documents and collaborate with partners. Plan.it includes a task manager, a BIM/CAD viewer, a transmittal manager, and other features.

The next higher plan is Bid.it at $19 per user per month billed annually. It includes all features in Plan.it plus an intelligent bid manager, bid reporting and leveling, contractor network, dashboards, and more. The next higher plans with more features are Build.it at $29 per user per month billed annually, and Build.it Pro at $39 per user per month billed annually. A custom enterprise plan for larger teams with specific customizations are also offered upon request. Those interested can contact their sales and book a demo of the software.

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Target Market

WeBuild is for construction companies of all sizes. It is valuable for architects and engineers, estimating teams, construction teams, and subcontractors.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include G Group Development, Donrose Building, Miller Construction Management, Belvedere, Peterson Construcion, and Lexpol Group.



Kevin Morgan stated that they used to bid using Excel, Gmail and other tools, which was chaotic. But after using WeBuild in a few short weeks, they are able to get better subcontractor coverage for each trade. It is simple, intuitive, and user-friendly to subcontractors. The software also provides a sense of control, letting them invite 40 subcontractors in two hours. They know who among them are looking at the plans, who are bidding, and who are not.

Alex Politano describes the construction management platform as easy to use and intuitive. He stated that he has saved a great deal of personal and company time since using WeBuild. The tendering and document control features, as well as the meeting minutes function, are very useful. And for him, customer service support is the best he has seen so far.

Robert Peterson stated that within days of using WeBuild, he was able to save a full year’s subscription by not having to continually update documents and transmittals. He describes the platform as a great fit for their company and associates. They gave great feedback on how easy it is to navigate to get to the documents.

Why WeBuild

WeBuild is a modern and comprehensive project management application that covers a wide area of the construction business. The tools and features included in the platform enable users to streamline their workflow, automate manual entries prone to error, and improve work efficiency. The cloud-based tool is highly accessible and collaborative, improving project visibility and rate of success. Users report of exemplary human customer service as well.

Company Info

WeBuild is a product of Webuild Construction Software Pty Ltd, a privately held software company based in North Sydney, Australia, and with offices in Lehi City, UT, USA; and Sha Tin, NT, Hong Kong. It was founded in 2014 by Jason Kamha and Ashraf Kamha, CEO. WeBuild was created by a team of construction industry experts and technology builders to provide general contractors a modern tool to be proactive and stay profitable.

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