Using WordPress: Ways To Smoothen The Project Information Management System

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Like discipline is to the schools, similarly project management is to an organization. No wonder, establishing a long-running business requires proper management and systematic approach which can be ecstatically met through a defined project management system. This technological advancement has given rise to many new online businesses and websites. During all these times, WordPress has never failed to impress the web world for its versatility, ingenuity, and functionality.

WordPress was introduced as a simple blogging platform for bloggers but it is now reckoned as a leading content management system across the world. This amazing CMS comes with advanced functions that allow users to turn their brick and mortar store in an online store with a global presence. You can easily advertise your work, leverage your brand identity, and expand your business presence using this platform. And, the rising number of businesses and non-commercial websites based on WordPress clearly exhibits its rising popularity in the web world. From selling products to informing about services, content management or even blogging, WordPress can seamlessly do it all.

Scope Of WordPress Project Management

Running an effective blogging site requires consistent efforts of developers, site owners, programmers, writers, and even publishers. Imagine if you are left to do this all alone; though it is not impossible but is quite tedious and error-prone. A project management system works the same way as these writers, developers, programmers, etc. work on your site. It primarily simplifies and smoothens the processing of your site by assisting in organizing topics, scheduling their release, publishing, etc.

Owing to its flexibility for add-ons and other software, WordPress beats any of the platforms in its league. Here are some popular project management plugins widely used by the developers these days.

Top WordPress Project Management Plugins

Here is a list of top WordPress Project Management Plugins beneficial for the smooth functioning of your site.

1. WP Project ManagerWORDPRES_6

Primarily built to work with WordPress, this exquisite plugin helps in creating new projects, uploading & sharing of documents, sending messages, etc.

Highlighted Features of this plugin:

  • Options to add numerous “to-do-lists “
  • Can easily assign tasks, schedule project publishing dates,etc.
  • Multi-purpose
  • Specified bars for exhibiting project status
  • Responsive

The premium version of this plugin offers advanced functions like drag and drop feature, tracking project status, one-click access to the files, improved security and much more.


Orbis is a free WordPress plugin that can easily materialize the project management tasks with the help of its inbuilt advanced functionality. This plugin is made with an objective to simplify the project management and make it much more accessible to the users. You easily extend the functionality of this plugin to allow seamless integration of various elements into the site.

Highlighted Features of this plugin:

  • Easily translatable
  • Inbuilt feedback and communication system
  • Specific comments section
  • Add-on compatibility with Orbis Tasks, Orbis Keychains, and Orbis Timesheets

3. SP Project & Document ManagementWORDPRESS_1

This exquisite WordPress plugin is the best for saving all your data meticulously so that it can be used later. It efficiently manages files, documents, videos, images, etc. It can be easily customized to get the desirable changes done.

Highlighted Features of this plugin:

  • Offers complete control
  • Device-agnostic
  • Available custom forms
  • Can easily upload multiple files
  • File search option


TaskFreak is another free plugin running on WordPress for conferring project management processes. You can easily create, edit, and delete projects using this add-on in few simple steps. Moreover, the interface calls option provided within the plugin makes the communication among the individuals seamless that further helps in sharing data easily. You can easily switch between back-end and front-end of your project that helps in managing projects easily.

Highlighted Features of this plugin:

  • Can be easily installed
  • Extensive compatibility with WordPress
  • Simplified options to attach files/documents
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Seamless integration with other WordPress-powered components
  • Fully translatable

5. Project PanoramaWORDPRESS_5

Powered by visual approach for project management, this plugin comprises of advanced features capable of visual communication. This WordPress plugin comprises amazing inbuilt features that set it apart from other plugins of its category. It not only saves time but also derives desired results as per the project requirements.

Highlighted Features of this plugin:

  • Responsive
  • Multiple color schemes
  • Eye-catching data visuals
  • Can be easily translated
  • Simplified file management

Key Benefits of Using WordPress Project Management System
There are numerous benefits of using project management system with WordPress. A major of them are mentioned below:

Responsive: This open-source web development platform comprises functionality that allows it to be viewed over multiple devices and changing screens. Thus using a project management system based on this platform can help in leveraging the visibility of your site across multiple devices. There are many remarkable tools available online that can be used to check the responsiveness of a design. Responsive checker tool is one such tool available free to use for all.

Desired Solutions: This easy-to-use framework of WordPress allows easy customization to get the desired results. Further integrating this system with advanced plugins helps in getting the best solutions.

Intuitive: Since WordPress itself is a simplified platform which is used for creating dynamic web solutions which are widely utilized in project managements systems.

Cost-effective: Since WordPress is an open-source platform and utilizing it for added functions doesn’t cost much.

Wrapping Up!

Above all this, there is a point to remember that a project management system cannot do it all. Despite an exquisite project management system, you always need an adept organization consisting of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals who can pro-actively confer the task of managing the site.

Now that you have got an idea how these project management tools work, you can easily start working with them in your next venture.

Recommended Project Management Software

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