Use Wrike Job Numbers For Easy Searching And Referencing

Wrike is a cloud-based project management solution used by various business teams. It helps them gain visibility, simplify planning, enable collaboration, and streamline workflow, resulting to efficiency and productivity. As work volume increases, the need to reference the high number of tasks, sometimes with similar sounding names, becomes essential. But there is no need for third-party job number or work ticket software, or even project number generators. This functionality is built inside the PM software available to all users on all account types.

Job Numbers – What are they, and what for

Job numbers or project numbers are unique numeric identifiers for tasks that are automatically created and assigned. They cannot be edited. They are displayed regardless of differing viewing permissions across tasks and folders. It serves a variety of purposes, and especially useful when a team’s workload increases, or when an organization’s client base expands. They can be used:

  • To distinguish between tasks with the same name
  • To quickly find source files for printed materials
  • As ticket numbers for software development or support
  • To sync tasks with invoicing
  • As candidate codes for applicant tracking
  • As equipment codes to monitor location and usage of assets.

How to create Job Numbers

Enabling job numbers is easy, and once enabled it is visible in several views. To turn on job numbers, select the folder in the Folder tree that needs these unique numbers. View the folder in Table View. Under the gear icon in the top left corner, select (check) the ID column. This will make job numbers visible for all tasks in that folder. Just repeat the process on any other folders that require the same.

Visible, Searchable

Once enabled, Wrike job numbers are visible in the Task View. They are always visible next to the author’s name. Searching for a task through its job number is easy. Simply put the word “ID: “before a task number in the search bar.

Different Views

Users can also find a task’s job number on a permalink, or the direct link to a specific task. It is that end portion of the link that comes after the characters “id= ” (1). Another view where job numbers are visible is the Table View (2).

Export Tasks Quickly

Using job numbers is an efficient way to search for Wrike tasks. They can also be included when exporting tasks to Excel. To do this, users should first select the folder or project they would like to export. They should go to (1) Table View. Next is to hover over (2) export. Then select (3) Excel. The next step is to choose (4) “Only current view ” from the popup menu that will appear. And the last step is to click (5) Export.

Manage Increasing and Expanding Workloads Easily

Wrike provides the job number system to help teams manage heavy workloads in an organized way. With this unique automatic system of identifying tasks, users can reduce any miscommunication even when dealing with similarly named tasks. They can track files, candidates, customers, and assets easily in a systematic way. Finding anything just got quicker and less time consuming with job numbers. For more information on new features, tips and other announcements, check Wrike also on their Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest page.

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