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Bridge24 LogoThe use of project management software is helping companies, big and small alike, to be more competitive. Online tools like Trello have provided significant advantages to its users, enabling them to be more efficient and productive. Thus, they are able to not only survive, but even thrive in the new business landscape, with its disruptive innovation and gig economy.

Trello is a flexible task management and collaboration platform. Millions of users are able to track their projects, optimize their worklow, and accomplish greater things together. However, it is not a complete solution, and it misses out on several essential features that can spell the difference between successful projects and outright failures.

Communications is vital

One of the reasons why projects fail is because of a failure in communications. Reporting is a critical process that relies on good communications. Trello is a great visual system, but communications is not one of its strong suit. Users have to make use of Power-Ups and integrations to help them build reports. Furthermore, export tools are very basic.

Those on the free plan can only export in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. Unfortunately, JSON is primarily intended for machines, and a JSON file is only somewhat human readable. It is not even possible to import back a JSON export file to re-create a Trello board. Users on Business Class only have the option to export in CSV.

The need to export data

For PM tools to have a positive impact, it should have as much project data entered into the system. But these are also private company data. Users should have the option to retrieve it in ways that can be useful to their business. They may need it for status reports, for business presentations, and also for general backup, among others.

Bridge24 – Easy Exporting Solution

Bridge24 for Trello is an online application that works with Trello. It connects dynamically to the PM software, allowing for real-time two-way sync. Users can view and edit their data from either application, and data gets automatically updated on the other. Bridge24 does not keep a copy or a duplicate of user data, and no complex import/export or migration is necessary.

Users of Bridge24 experience a more complete business solution because they get enhanced reporting and exporting capabilities. For example, instead of using multiple applications and numerous processes to handle an exported JSON file and make it appear on Excel or other spreadsheet, they simply use Bridge24 and make a few clicks. They get exactly the right set of data in a readable and print-quality format.

Export Options

With Bridge24 for Trello, users can export across multiple boards. It has powerful filters that are simple to use. They can use a filter across projects for a given date range. In fact, they can filter to include any specific board, list and card, sort them and then export them. It is sometimes necessary to first group by project, by user, by custom field or by another criteria, and this is possible with Bridge24. They can also save the filters for instant re-use.

Users can export the exact information they want for that status report or presentation. And they can do that for the user or client who uses Microsoft Excel, or any other spreadsheet program. These file exports can include information of checklists, comments, custom fields, even attachment information and URL links found inside Trello cards. They are created in a single XLSX file, with supplemental sheets if needed, on Excel. Thus, information is organized and easy to view. Users can also choose to export in CSV format.

Go beyond task management

Bridge24 enhances Trello by providing additional features such as powerful views. Instead of being limited to a Kanban board view, users can now additionally choose to view their information in a Power Grid view or Calendar view. From any of these views, they can initiate a file export with a few clicks. Furthermore, they will have access to advanced reports, interactive charts, and more options and control to view, update and analyze their project data.

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