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Basecamp project management software helps millions of users by providing them a platform where they can organize their work. They are able to manage their projects better with tools that allow them to communicate easily, and track people’s to-dos, deadlines, and progress. Anyone who needs information or files from another co-worker can simply go and search in the application. But if you want to create good reports that you can present in a meeting or print out to show a client, you may have to look further out. Luckily, Bridge24 for Basecamp is officially recognized by Basecamp as a reporting and charts application solution.


Charts – Information Summarized Visually

Reports are important business documents. Having the right information presented in the right way at the right time allows us to make good business decisions. Charts are significant components of reports because they present information that can be easily consumed and understood. Visual information can be processed faster, and charts provide both overall picture as well as relational information. We can go over reports quickly, absorb its contents, and focus on what matters with the aid of charts.

Bridge24 Charts for Basecamp

Bridge24 for Basecamp provides beautiful charting and graphing options for Basecamp. It is an application that connects dynamically to access your project data and to-dos. With a variety of chart types to choose from, you can visualize project information, progress, and other statistics based on current to-dos from a project or a filter result. You can easily do any of the following:

  • Create charts automatically, including most common ones such as to-dos by project, by assignee, by list, by group, completed by week, created by week, overdue and soon due, and more.
  • Choose different chart types that best represent the information for business presentation, client meeting, team performance review, and others.
  • Make use of interactive charts to instantly show or hide segments to focus on specific areas.
  • Drill down on a specific list of to-dos by clicking on the chart, and opening the list in Grid view.
  • Easily export the chart and associated list in a PDF file.
  • Stack charts to display 2 variables in the same chart for comparison and detailed view.


Supported Chart Types

Bridge24 allows you to choose from different chart types it supports. You can select a pie chart to show a percentage value. Other variants of the pie chart are the doughnut chart and the polar chart. You can also make use of horizontal bar and vertical bar type charts, where the bar length represents the proportion of the value.

Example: Pie Chart

Below is an example of a pie chart that represent 38 to-dos filtered from 2 projects. See below for the detailed explanation of the different parts of the chart.

  • Point A – dropdown for selecting chart type or for switching between chart types.
  • Point B – Move icon, click and drag for repositioning.
  • Point C – Hide icon, to hide the chart.
  • Point D – dropdown to retrieve or display the chart.
  • Point E – area of 2 sliders, for controlling the size and number of columns.
  • Point F – Show/Hide legend icon.
  • Point G – Export to PDF icon
  • Point H – interactive legend, click to show/hide associated to-do segment.

Chart Drilldown

Bridge24 is a complete reporting tool that provides users a seamless way to view charts as well as to drill down to the exact to-do item. When you click any segment of the chart, you will see the associated filtered to-do list. Furthermore, you can click any of the to-do link, and you can now view and edit the specific to-do in an Edit panel. You can also open the to-do list in the flexible Grid view by clicking the ‘Open in grid’ button below.

Chart Export to PDF

Finally, Bridge24 for Basecamp completes the solution with an export tool where you can quickly create a PDF report of the chart and the associated to-do list. You can share it by email or print it out for your teammates, clients, and other project stakeholders. To learn more about charting and reporting features and other updates, visit Bridge24 also on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.


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