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Bridge24 LogoThere are many good project collaboration software for teams, such as Asana. It provides a centralized workspace where users can easily find and discuss project and task information. It can store work and conversation details securely. Retrieving them in a flexible and organized way is another story. Asana’s reporting features are somewhat limited. Of course, users can see information about a single project, across projects or across an organization. But the selection for visual representations are few, and users may have to use other apps to gain deeper understanding of the data. Fortunately, Bridge24 provides the solution for creating charts and export them to PDF.

Charts – Information at a Glance

Charts are powerful tools that transform data into vital information. Visually representing details and figures into a more graphical and discernible display helps users gain understanding quickly. Unlike looking at task distribution through lists or using extensive filtering and searching, they can find information quickly in charts, and even see its relation with other data or the bigger picture, all these at a glance. Furthermore, once data has been transformed visually into a chart, it can then be exported and shared with co-workers and managers. Therefore, more people can see patterns quickly, aggregate information for comparisons, and share varying and helpful perspectives.

Bridge24 Charts for Asana

Bridge24 enables users to connect dynamically to Asana and create powerful interactive charts. The charts provide the much needed context that is based on current tasks as displayed from a project or filter result. To include completed tasks in the chart, they can simply create a filter and include the ‚ÄòCompleted’ status. Filters also allow people to create charts across projects. When the list of tasks are displayed, users can click on the Charts menu item on the header area. By selecting the ‚ÄòCharts for displayed tasks,’ predefined charts will then be displayed.

Supported Chart Types

Bridge24 offers different types of charts that can help represent data, depending on the type of information that needs to be displayed. Pie charts show percentage values as a slice of pie. The Doughnut chart is a variant of the pie chart. The Polar chart is an enhanced form of the pie chart, too. Also offered are the horizontal and vertical bar charts, where the length of the bars show the proportion to the values they represent.

Example: Pie Chart

Below is an example of a pie chart that represents 38 tasks filtered from 2 projects. More details are provided regarding points A to H on the chart.

  • Point A shows the dropdown where users can select the chart type or change between types.
  • Point B indicates the Move icon on the top left where it can be clicked and dragged for repositioning.
  • Point C at the bottom left is for hiding the chart.
  • Point D is a dropdown at the top to retrieve/display the chart.
  • Point E shows the area of two sliders where the size and number of columns of the chart are controlled.
  • Point F at the lower right area is where the icon for showing or hiding the legend is located.
  • Point G at the bottom right holds the export to PDF icon, and
  • Point H shows an interactive legend, where users can click on a segment that will hide/display from the chart the associated task usage.

Chart Drilldown

The interactive charts in Bridge24 allows users to click on any segment of the displayed chart, and it will bring out the associated filtered task list. They can click on any listed task, and it will open the Edit panel where they can view or update task details. Another available option to open the list is the ‘Open in grid’ button located at the bottom, which will open the filtered list in the Power Grid view.

Chart Export to PDF Feature

Another powerful functionality is an export feature that instantly creates a PDF report of the chart. The report can easily be shared through email or printed out. The report can also contain the list of associated tasks by segment.


To learn more about the new interactive charting features and other upcoming capabilities, visit its Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube page. Or just try Bridge24 now for free!

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