Updated WP Project Manager Enables Teams to Work Faster

WP Project Manager is a popular WordPress plugin for managing tasks, teams and projects. Users are able to have their own project management solution right within their WordPress sites. This provides a great amount of savings, not having to purchase another PM system, but also to be able to work with something familiar. Companies do not have to go through installation, deployment or training for another system, and this provides savings in time. The latest release of the PM plugin continues in the same direction, allowing users to work faster with a new and smartly designed interface.

Single Page Todo List

WP Project Manager v1.6 was released this April 2017. First and foremost in this update is a new single page todo list. Now, users can create, view, edit and remove tasks and task lists instantly. The new interface works faster for task creation and editing. Working on the todo list and updating it is instantaneous, without the need for the page to refresh or reload. Users are able to see real-time task updates as they happen. The latest improvement provides 3 things, at the least:

  • Saves time,
  • Reduce server pressure, and
  • Let users keep their focus on what matters.

Real-Time Pagination

Another improvement in the interface is the ability to load pages without delay. Users with a long list of todo’s that takes more than one page will now be able to go back and forth among the pages quickly. In the past, going to another page would require a complete page reload. Now, with the implementation of smart Java script coding, response time is very fast. Users can click a todo list from the listing page or click any of the navigation buttons and the page will be displayed instantly each and every time.

Notification for Successful Actions

WP Project Manager is focusing on speed so that users can work faster. However, it will not be at the expense of reliability. In the past, a page reload would indicate a successful action. However, since page reloads are no longer taking up the time of users, notifications are informing them that their actions have been successful. They can see these notifications pop up at the top right of the screen. The users are notified of the successful action without delay or distraction.

Better Sorting

Another improvement on the latest release v1.6 is a better way to sort and view tasks. The new UI presents both completed and incomplete tasks in a way that users can get an overview of the project’s progress. But it also highlights the items that need immediate attention, allowing the user to keep their focus on important things.

Reach Your Goals Faster

WP Project Manager is overhauling itself so that it can be responsive to users who are working hard to reach their goals faster. It continues to reach out to users for feedback, so that it can not only speed things up, but also reduce housekeeping time where necessary. For more of the latest features and other updates, visit weDevs also on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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