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trello-logoTrello cloud-based visual organizing software for managing projects and personal tasks is one of the easiest tools to use for just about anything. Businesses and individuals use it because they simply like how it works. A board with cards looks simple enough to use, but it is also powerful to contain a great amount of information in the form of comments, attached files, check lists, due dates, and labels. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to look for a particular piece of data, much like that digital needle in a virtual haystack. However, searching and filtering with labels just got better.

Introducing Unlimited Labels

Trello has colorful labels that enable users to categorize cards so it can be easier to find them and filter later. Color-coded labels with names added to cards help users easily distinguish different types of cards across lists and projects. It is a great visual way to organize and group cards in different ways. It is also an efficient way to search for these cards and filter them to provide context. Since the visual organizing software has a really advanced and sophisticated search operator, having more ways to tag cards with more labels maximizes its function. The application now has additional 5 new colors to the palette for the users to choose from.

trello labels new colors

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Labels, however, do not always need to be assigned to a color. Those without colors work similarly as a tagged search term. They do not show up on the front of the cards but they can be easily searched for by its name. With unlimited labels, users can put as many of them on cards. As projects are added and become larger, these Trello labels will become more helpful in how cards and information in general are organized.

trello labels customize

Better Filtering and Organization

Trello online tool for managing projects and personal tasks now allows for more robust filtering and organization. From the board, a user can click the Show Sidebar link to display items for that board such as members and activities. By clicking the Menu button, it will display more options such as Power-Ups, Labels, Stickers, Filter Cards, Archived Items and more. Clicking on the Filter Cards, it will display another set of menu such as a Search box, existing labels, and a link to show all labels. When all the labels are shown, the user can then select the particular label that will filter the cards on the board and display only those with that label.

trello labels filtering

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From a card, it is also easy to add labels. Cards have a front and a back. Existing colored labels are displayed in the front usually seen from the board, while the back shows both colored and colorless labels. To add a label, click the Labels button and choose active labels (represented with a white check mark) or create a new label, and then add it. There are also shortcuts to add or remove colored Trello labels.

trello labels card sample

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