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trackvia logoTrackVia has undertaken certain high-level changes in the up-gradation of its sales forecast software application. To retain and cement its position as a top-level enterprise software vendor, TrackVia has gone ahead and introduced new user-friendly and customized versions for its end users. The back-end development team has worked tirelessly to upgrade the features, which was done periodically at the end of last quarter of 2013. A second level customization was again implemented in the beginning of 2014. The prime objective of the enhancement was to ensure a seamless integration of customer requirements.

TrackVia User Field

This is a new table field addition in TrackVia Express. This helps in having pre-loaded details of every user in your account. This means, that as a sales head, your account has a drop-down list of each of the team members which can be viewed when required, along with any changes, additions or deletions. This also creates a filter, and a dynamic view for each of the users.


Distinctive ID Field

This field has been created due to customer suggestions. It creates and stores all customer records in a unique, numerically sequential and persistent flow. It is named the “Auto Counter” field and can be used to generate and keep track of purchase orders, asset tags, and customer requests. Being a persistent field, any deletion or addition will be auto-updated. The added benefit is that the numbering occurs automatically.


Better Level of Navigational Facilities

TrackVia have made lots of enhancements on the CRM portal for easier navigation, and also to make a very smooth and quick transition between pages. Some of the navigational ability are of course very much apparent, but some of it is hidden due to its subtlety and discreteness. These navigational features have been added purely due to customer feedback and their ease-of-use in mind, which is why TrackVia gives a big thumps up to its customers for giving their valuable feedback.


The Way Ahead

Most of the development plans have been made knows to TrackVia‘s customers already, but due to certain limitations, everything cannot be revealed as they are bound to non-disclosure. There is a lot of development going on behind the curtains as new roll-outs and customizations are expected to happen soon. The good news is that the users won’t have to wait for too long. At this moment, TrackVia is very thankful to its customers for their genuine and high quality feedback, and encourages them to continue doing so in the future.

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