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toptal logoThousands of software developers, designers and engineers are graduating every day from universities world wide. For this reason, it is becoming harder and harder every day to locate a job that pays as much as you’re worth as an engineer. If you believe you are a talented and adequately skilled engineer caught in a crowd of less skilled graduates, you will still find it hard to land a job in the market as this fact is not easy to prove as a person with no formal experience to show. This is where Toptal comes in.

Introducing Toptal

Toptal is an online marketplace that links freelance engineers/developers with clients. The company was founded in 2010 by Taso Du Val and Breanden Beneschott in San Fransico. The site gathers up the top engineers in the world. With its vigorous approval process, if you join the company, you can be sure that you will be working with the best engineers from around the world. Actually, only 4% of those who attempt to join the company as freelancers make it through. As a skilled engineer, this is one place where you can be sure to get well paying jobs. The website allows you to adjust your pay rates as well as your working hours. In addition, Toptal is always on time with it’s payments.

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Selection Process

Being the high level company that it is, Toptal takes its members through a thorough vetting process. This does not only apply to the developers but also the clients, meaning developers in the company get to work with top notch employers. As a developer, you will go through an interview with the HR or your recruiter. You might have to show what makes you a good fit for the company – your experience, education and skill. This will also include the pay you expect and time available to work. Then you will take a few timed tests, and finally, they will need you to develop a test project. Additionally, you will have to present the project to an interviewer and answer a few targeted questions on the project. If you successfully go through this process, you can join the top 3% freelance engineers and developers around the globe. It is important to also note that Toptal requires all its freelancers to be fluent in English. Of course, the company has a default pay rate, but, following their guidelines and terms, you can shift it to the amount you find suits you.

Join the League of Amazing Developers/Designers

Toptal recruits freelance experts in a large number of computer science fields, and being an online based company, it gets it freelancers and clients from almost all locations in the world. It is a top marketplace for developers/engineers and clients. If you get selected to join their team of freelancers, you are definitely working with the best people out there. Not only do you get a good timely pay, but you also get to sharpen your skills as you’ll be working with the best engineers and developers that are out there. That’s why, they make you go through an extensive and time-consuming screening process, but if you have enough skills, that should not be much of a problem.


Work for the Best

The company also does not accept just any clients. Just like the freelancers, clients are taken through a vetting process and for a freelancer, this simply means that you will not be working with problematic or con clients. Some of the company’s big and established clients include Axel Springer AG,, Zendesk, Airbnb and KDDI Laboratories America. In addition, you can expect to work for many startup companies as well. As an expert software developer, designer or engineer, this site is definitely worth signing up with. For more info, check out their Facebook, TwitterGoogle+ and LinkedIn profiles.

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