Best WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugins for 2023

The concept of a multi-vendor marketplace has grown increasingly popular these days. A multi-vendor marketplace refers to an e-commerce store which offers products from not just one vendor but multiple vendors. To make this possible, multi-vendor plugins are used which also have a strong impact on the performance of the website. To illustrate this type of marketplace more clearly, let us look at Amazon which is an online store where Amazon products are sold. More than that, it also sells products of other vendors. This article discusses the five best plugins for a multi-vendor marketplace.  

1. WCFM Marketplace

Without a doubt, this WCFM Marketplace plugin is the most popular one for Woocommerce, garnering a stellar rating of 5-stars. Adding to its appeal is its modular method which puts together various extensions that are helpful in creating a multi-vendor marketplace. Plus, it has advanced modules like Support Ticket, Store Invoice, Importer, Shipment Tracking, and Bulk Stock Manager. Moreover, its extensions include:

  • store refunds
  • shipping zones
  • many types of commission
  • live chat and tickets for vendors
  • appointment and booking support
  • comprehensive analytics for store admin and vendors
  • vendor’s frontend management dashboard
  • linked affiliate program

One of the most unique features of WCFM is its smartphone app which enables users and vendors to access their accounts on the go. However, to use this plugin, users should also have the Woocommerce Frontend Manager plugin which is free at the beginning. Different upgrades and extensions that are paid are offered at a later time. To be specific, the plugin’s main pro version costs $49, while extra extensions also come with extra charges.

2. Vendors

This Vendors plugin is offered by the Woocommerce team which lets the user open his marketplace to other vendors who want to sell their products through his store. This plugin creates a marketplace where everything can be sold, including physical, hand-made products and downloadable items. Also, the user can set specific commission rates for vendors and provide incentives to bring in more vendors while still being able to set a global-base commission rate. To protect the marketplace, Vendors has a feature that sets commissions to be assigned to a vendor only upon the completion of an order. Aside from that, the plugin can also display the rating of the vendor which is based on the ratings of its products. The only thing about Vendors is that it doesn’t have a free version and it is sold for $79 as a start which can be used for only one website.

3. Dokan

Dokan is considered WordPress’ best frontend multi-vendor marketplace. It is also the fastest way to start an online store as it lets its users set up in just under 30 minutes. With a rating of 4.5 stars, it is considered as one of the most famous plugins with around 20,000 WordPress websites using it. 

It comes in two versions, the freemium and premium versions. The free version entitles the user to receive an unlimited number of vendors, with the vendors having access to a frontend dashboard. Meanwhile, the pro version offers the following features:

  • Vendors adding their staff
  • Seller verification
  • Subscription fee to vendors
  • Vendors creating private discounts codes and coupons
  • Ebay-like operations where auctions are held
  • Seller review
  • Commission rates for vendors
  • Analytics and reports

4. Yith WooCommerce Multi-Vendor

The Yith WooCommerce Multi-Vendor is also a popular plugin which comes in free and paid versions, available through WordPress. Users who avail the free versions have the capacity to set up complete vendor pages that follow a global-base commission rate across all vendors in the site. This allows the vendors the power to manage their products and media uploads, as well as regulate their vendor information.

As to the Pro version, more functionality is offered, including shipping, more detailed orders, and refund management. And since it offers more, the paid version is sold at €99.99 which can be used for only one website.

5. WC Vendors Marketplace

WC Vendors Marketplace may not have as many users as Dokan, but it trails behind it with 10,000 users and 4.4 stars. Its free version enables users to have vendors sell on their site and gives these vendors the ability to submit their products for review or have them go live immediately, add products through their dashboard on WordPress, and use templates to customize their store. It also allows users to customize commission rates or apply global commission rates for their vendors.

The pro version, on the other hand, allows vendors to use the frontend dashboard in managing their activities. Additionally, this version allows higher shipping choices and vendors adding coupon codes and provides more control for the user in terms of adding SEO and social media profiles. It also gives the user power over shipping and commission rates and provides a feedback system that allows buyers to rate the vendors. All these for $199 annually, complete with support and updates.

Using easy digital downloads for building WordPress Multi-vendor Marketplace

For vendors of digital products, it is best to use Easy Digital Downloads. This is true even if WooCommerce can be used for such purpose. The thing is that this is the most efficient way to exclusively sell digital products. For $299, the Pro package comes with numerous extensions, including the Front-end Submission extension.


Creating a multi-vendor marketplace has been made easier and more manageable with these five plugins. Users have more choices and power in their hands.

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