Top 5 features to look for in a CRM solution

For any business to succeed it is important to build customer loyalty and ensure customer retention. A key component in keeping the customer happy is to invest in good Customer Relationship Management application.  Through the right CRM software the business would be equipped to better track the customers and thus package the solutions and services to meet the customers said and unsaid needs.

But choosing the right CRM software solution that meets your business needs is no easy task. There is a wide range of products available in the market. Choosing the right CRM solution from the products available requires in depth study of your company’s needs as against the products’ features. The product that best meets your requirement, while promising the support and maintenance required for operation and which is easy to integrate and implement should be chosen.

CRM Functions to Consider

Any CRM application should have the following modules or functions to be considered:

  • Sales force automation
  • Customer Support
  • Marketing
  • Inventory Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Security Management

These are the basic features to be had along with proven security access, reports and dashboards functions.

Top 5

But given the changing business scenarios and the global markets these basic features are not enough. The top 5 features that you should look in a CRM solution are:

  1. Ease of integration: In order to achieve a high ROI from your CRM software investment, you should be able to integrate the application easily with the other applications in the application landscape of the company. The CRM software should be simple to operate and easy to integrate.
  2. Remote access:  Sales executives need to access key product information, availability etc on the field so as to act fast and win on the competition.
  3. Mobile compliant: With the increased use of mobiles in every walk it is highly important that the CRM solution should be compatible with the mobiles. With a mobile compliant CRM software solution one can update the sales date on the field.
  4. Integrated analytics: The CRM application should ease decision making because of the analytics. The user should be able to create campaigns, select target groups, measure and monitor results for future campaigns.
  5. Flexible and open for customization: However good the CRM solution might be, there is need for customization. Hence the CRM solution should be open and flexible so as to be the right fit for your organization and processes.

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