Top 5 Essential Reasons for Tracking Employee Hours

time-management1The thing that unites all businesses are the common challenges that they experience. Like the inability to bill 100% accurately or calculate the payroll faster without losing numbers; or trying to improve employee productivity having no accurate assessment.

You can’t leave these things as they are cause very soon you might find yourself closing your business because of them.

So, if you’re experiencing at least one of the things listed above, then it’s time for you to start tracking employee hours, and here’s why:

1) You can bill and calculate the payroll properly

Without knowing how much time your team spent working on someone’s task, you can’t bill them properly. As well as if you’re still using paper timesheets to calculate payroll, then you can’t say for sure that employees’ paychecks are accurate.

With automatic time tracking software you can both calculate payroll fast and accurately, and provide your clients with accurate bills.

2) It allows to find areas that need improvement

Both in employee and overall workflow.

If you’re trying to see where employees lose their time, it is impossible to do it without tracking. If you want to find out how much time employees spend on social networks, it is much harder to do that without time tracking software. If you want to determine the productivity trends of your company, you need accurate data about its time.

Time is the basis of every company’s performance. And tracking employee hours is like an encyclopedia that tells you everything about it.

So, regularly open that encyclopedia and use the data in it for your good.

3) It helps employees concentrate and increases productivity

Soon after you start tracking employee hours, you will see a huge boost in overall productivity.

Not only employees become more conscious about which websites they visit, but they also can improve their time management skills. E.g., Yaware.TimeTracker provides employees with reports about their time and Internet use. Using this data they can see areas where they either lose time or use it unproductively. So, with time tracking every employee get more control of what s/he does.

4) Tracking employee hours makes it easier to assess employees’ work and give feedback

If you have a tight schedule, then time tracking helps you quickly access employees’ work. Going through the tracking analytics you can tell how efficiently employees use their time, how they spend time on the Internet and how they spend time offline.

Having this knowledge, you can give appropriate feedback that will improve overall performance.

5) You can easier determine who your best employees are

Using the time tracking data and analyzing employees’ achievements you can determine which members of your team are the most productive.

E.g., using Yaware.TimeTracker you can quickly find out which employees use their time the most productively. After you determined them, check the results of their work and compare to the productivity of time use. If it corresponds, then you found your top performer.

Now you can help them to continue growing and have them teach other employees, and so increase overall productivity.


The more you learn about it, the more you ensure that tracking employee hours helps to take your business and staff’s performance to the new level.

So, don’t hesitate and start receiving some useful insights right now!

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