Top 3 Technological Changes That Will Revolutionize Project Management

Project management is an essential element of every business. It has undergone several changes with the developments in technology. However, the recent changes in technology are sure to dominate the past trends.

The new technologies might not be directly related to project management, but they are expected to affect the same in the near future significantly. Let us check the top three technologies that are sure to revolutionize the project management.

1. Internet of Things

The internet of things is becoming quite popular in multiple industries as it has helped manufacturers produce smart appliances and equipment. Abbreviated as IoT, the technology has enabled devices to connect and communicate with each other using the internet. Today the industries are using IoT to produce smart automobiles, smartphones, smart home appliances, etc.

An example of how IoT affects project management is software testing. Many information technology companies and professionals are using IoT for testing various types of software. The telecommunication industry still lacks the flexibility required for management of IoT devices. However, the industries are working towards improving the IoT technology and implementing it to obtain enhanced connectivity of devices.

2. Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence has made significant changes in industries and is expected to make more. AI has already made our lives easier with virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri. Also, the email filters, estimation of arrival times are an example of artificial intelligence in your daily lives.

Moreover, the upcoming AI technology is expected to make significant changes in people’s lives and industries. Another example of AI is Google’s Duplex system, that can interact with humans just like real people. It makes use of the recurrent neural network that works in a way similar to the human brain.

AI can help project managers to handle the day to day tasks such as controlling the calls and messages. An AI-based virtual assistant can handle multiple tasks at the same time, enabling the project managers to focus on more important tasks every day.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a series or chain consisting of several blocks that are linked with cryptography. The term was made to describe the structured sets of data. It is the technology behind famous cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, altcoin and Ethereum. Many services and industries make use of blockchain technology in production and project management.

The most prominent example of the implementation of blockchain is the decision made by the government of Dubai to become the world’s first blockchain powered country by 2020.

The most popular project management tools are Google Drive and Trello. Both these tools make use of blockchain technology to offer cloud services to their customers. The team members working on a project can share and access the reports using the cloud tools that were not possible decades ago.

Many other project management tools can help the managers to make the tasks easier and simpler than ever. However, the project managers would take some time to understand the blockchain technology to use it and reap its benefits in their projects.

Final Words

According to a survey held by the Project management institute, these three technologies (IoT, AI and Blockchain) offer significant competitive advantages to the project managers using them. Project managers and their teams will need some time to understand and implement these technologies in their day to day work.

The AI, blockchain and IoT can help project managers to store and share information in new ways. Making use of these technologies will help save time and money by making tasks paperless and faster communication.

However, with the fast changes in technologies affecting project management, project managers need to adapt and understand these changes to keep updated with the current trends. Moreover, it is essential to help their teams understand the software and apps to adopt the transformation and use them in their day to day tasks to reap its benefits. 

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