Top 3 Software Alternatives to Assembla

Assembla is a combination of programs designed to improve intra-unit cooperation and task assignment for programmer projects. This includes Assembla Workspaces, which is a code repository and management tool to increase productivity, and Assembla Portfolio, which enables management of multiple projects and management reporting. They can service private as well as public projects by creating workspaces.

Why Assembla?

Assembla offers open source projects a free workspace where developers from around the world can cooperate on their software. Furthermore, it is a low cost administrative solution available for small and medium enterprises to effectively outsource some part of their code development. Finally, it allows for code voting and commentary. Assembla is designed for project-oriented businesses such as software development, online consulting firms and firms that outsource to freelancers. More specifically, it is useful to project managers who need to coordinate multiple teams and developers, and to the programmers themselves to coordinate their efforts as efficiently and productively as possible.

Not Satisfied with Assembla?
Here is the Top 3 Software Alternatives to Assembla.

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