Top 3 Project Management Software for Paraguay

Taking cultural nuances and differences into account when working with international project teams will help enable a positive partnership. Here are some things to know when collaborating with colleagues in Paraguay.

Corporate Etiquette in Paraguay

Your Paraguayan teammates expect you to be on time, but you can anticipate their being fashionably late for your business meetings. Once they arrive, take a few minutes to become acquainted before starting your meeting, as making a personal connection is very important.

Your counterparts come to decisions slowly, so take your time, and be patient. You’re better off working in person if possible, but if not, try to secure a local business representative to negotiate in your absence. Try to stay with the same team throughout the project, to make things run more smoothly.

Top 3 Project Management Software for Paraguay

Which collaborative software you choose can make a difference in how well your project goes. Here are our recommendations for the Paraguayan market.


Cloud Computing in Paraguay

Paraguay is #73 on the 2018 Global Connectivity Index (GCI), advancing because of broadband and coverage improvements. The country also shows increased internet and cloud usage. Their continued infrastructural upgrades will enable data and cloud opportunities in the future.

Their National Telecommunications Plan should increase the accessibility of broadband, and significantly increase the number of businesses that have access to telecom services, including governmental, health and educational institutions. Conatel is working to make services more economical, increasing coverage, and expanding access.


The people of Paraguay are gentle, enjoy family, and endeavor to have a peaceful life. Lunch is the most important meal during the day, and they go home to spend that time with their families.

Paraguayans dress conservatively, and always take great care to look their best. For the first business meeting, a man should wear a subdued suit with tie, but your colleague may dress down after that, so take notice. Women usually wear dresses or suits for business attire.

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