Top 3 Project Management Applications for the United States

Knowing cultural differences when collaborating with project teams in other countries is crucial for project success. Here are some things you should know when working with teams in the United States.

Corporate Etiquette in the United States

Find out what industry your American counterpart’s business is in, some company history, and the leadership type and style of the company with which you are doing business, as these aspects may alter what to expect regarding dress and decorum. Here are some other things to keep in mind when working with colleagues in the United States.

  • Americans use business cards, but the exchange is usually casual.
  • In business meetings, asking questions is standard practice.
  • Americans look for great service and products at the best price, so business-to-business interactions are more important than developing personal relationships when establishing long-term partnerships.
  • Most Americans make deals in writing via contracts reviewed by their legal teams.
  • Americans communicate directly and mean what they say.
  • Punctuality is essential with 5 minutes early being on time, and deadlines are not suggestions.
  • Business meetings may be relaxed but substantive, keeping to agenda items, using time wisely and coming away with definitive next steps.
  • One point person usually conducts negotiations, which are straightforward and may allow room for bargaining.
  • The concepts of individuality and equality permeate American culture.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for the United States

Choosing the right collaborative software is key to communicating well with your international project team. Here are our best product recommendations for the U.S. market.

Cloud Computing in the United States

The United States is #2 on the BSA 2016 Global Cloud Computing Scorecard having extensive e-commerce and cybercrime legislation, and being an international cybercrime investigative leader. The U.S. values intellectual property agreements and enforces current laws, however, as obvious by numerous court cases, there is uncertainty regarding what comprises online copyright infringement.

The U.S. is working toward a 2020 goal of better broadband access and higher speeds nationwide. The United States has improved greatly in worldwide IT interoperability.


Americans are generally outgoing and friendly. There are numerous company types in different regions of the United States. Be sure to research your specific client for ideas on how he/she might prefer to conduct business.

Time, money and etiquette are important to Americans, so be punctual, prepared and polite. The United States has a well-developed IT infrastructure, which will facilitate a great collaboration with your U.S. business partners.

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