Top 3 Project Management Applications for the Philippines

Collaborating with global project teams means understanding cultural differences that may affect business relations. Here are some things you should know when working with partners in the Philippines.

Corporate Etiquette in the Philippines

Filipinos take their time and like to form personal connections, so be punctual, but prepare for less structured meetings. Allow opportunities to build rapport, as your colleagues value loyalty and trust.

Filipinos make business decisions slowly, and don’t like long meetings, so prepare to break for a meal or invite a 3rd party to keep things light and moving along. Don’t assume that a pleasant response automatically means agreement, as Filipinos don’t like conflict. Meeting in person will give you the best result.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for the Philippines

Clear communication is important, so selecting the right collaborative software is crucial. Here are our recommendations for the Filipino market.

Cloud Computing in the Philippines

The outlook for cloud computing is improving in the Philippines. Government and small-medium business needs will propel noticeable growth by 2020. In general, however, the Philippines fall behind other Asian countries in cloud integration.

The Philippines have suffered several natural disasters, and the country is striving diligently to repair and make upgrades to their IT infrastructure. They anticipate a 3-5 year time frame to successfully transition to the cloud. President Rodrigo Duterte is making broadband capabilities a priority, asking the Department of Information and Communications Technology to develop a National Broadband Plan.


Filipinos honor family, are hospitable and value education. They dress well for most occasions, so traditional, conservative business attire is appropriate.

Filipinos are gentle, and don’t like confrontation. Be tactful and polite in all communications. Remember that negotiations rely on personal connection, so take time to build a relationship with your Filipino colleagues.

Rebekah Peterman

Rebekah has a Bachelor’s Degree in Counseling and a Master of Science Degree in Personnel Services in the School of Education. She’s participated in projects including editing/writing/publishing and blog articles, and is currently writing informative articles on the topic of project management.