Top 3 Project Management Applications for Russia

Understanding cultural differences when collaborating with foreign clients is essential for any PM who plans to facilitate a positive project outcome. Here are some things you should know when working with project teams in Russia.

Corporate Etiquette in Russia

Russians are punctual, generally start meetings on time and dress in formal business attire. They like to give and receive business cards, an exchange they do not take lightly. In meetings, your Russian business partners will sit on one side of the table, while your team, as their guests, sits on the other side.

Presentations should be to the point, and well prepared. Russians tend to say, “No” out of old-school impulse, but are open to negotiating, so be prepared to explain your position and be patient and persistent when bargaining, as nothing is final until you have signed the contract.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Russia

When selecting the best collaborative software, remember your foreign clients may not have the same preferences or capabilities that you do. Here are our recommendations for software products for the Russian market.

Cloud Computing in Russia

Russia is #17 on the 2016 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard. While Russia has both cloud computing and digital economy legislation, there are numerous unaddressed issues and severe limitations. Instead of improving, they have taken a few steps back, dropping from 14th place due to their regulations.

Additional barriers to successful cloud computing include burdensome restrictions and Internet filtering. Russia requires the purchase of pre-approved software products in the government sector. In 2014, the Russian government announced plans to provide more people with broadband access.


Russians are a hospitable, demonstrative people in general, and they value personal relationships in business dealings. Be punctual and prepared for meetings, and remember that traditional business suits in muted tones are expected.

Because of Russia’s cloud computing and broadband limitations, be sure to choose your collaborative software wisely. Allow extra time for negotiating, as your Russian counterparts may need it before making decisions. Keeping these things in mind as you connect with your Russian colleagues and clients will lead to project success.

Rebekah Peterman

Rebekah has a Bachelor’s Degree in Counseling and a Master of Science Degree in Personnel Services in the School of Education. She’s participated in projects including editing/writing/publishing and blog articles, and is currently writing informative articles on the topic of project management.