Top 3 Project Management Applications for Poland

International collaborations work best when you research cultural differences before starting your project. Here are some things you should know when working with clients in Poland.

Corporate Etiquette in Poland

Punctuality is very important to your Polish business partners, and you can expect your 1st meeting to include some time up front to establish rapport before getting to the agenda items. When meeting your overseas team in person, shake hands with everyone individually, instead of a group greeting, and be sure to keep good eye contact.

Poles have a top down leadership structure, and it is likely you will meet initially with middle management, and later into the process with the decision maker, who will have more authority. Poles take their time when conducting business, so be patient with their process. They are straightforward in their communications, yet tactful, as they don’t wish to offend.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Poland

Selecting the best collaborative software tool is important for any project. Here are our product recommendations for the Polish market.

Cloud Computing in Poland

Poland is 10th on the 2016 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard. Poland is current on cybercrime, privacy and electronic commerce legislation. These elements have established a solid foundation for cloud-computing support.

Poland has intellectual property regulations including internet service provider accountability, although there is room for improvement in the area of rules enforcement. Poland has gained 2 spots in the BSA rankings as they are making progress in both legislative and infrastructure frameworks and broadband accessibility.


When working with Polish clients, be punctual and prepared for meetings. Executive business meeting attire includes dark colored suits with ties for men, and women wear skirt or pant suits. Take time to build a relationship with your Polish partners, and be patient with their negotiating process.

Poland has a well-established IT infrastructure, with extensive broadband and cloud computing capabilities. These factors should make online collaborating easier.

Rebekah Peterman

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