Top 3 Project Management Applications for Japan

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Managing projects for your overseas clients gives you the opportunity to study other cultures, and learn how they conduct business. Here are some things you should know before your initial contact with colleagues in Japan.

Corporate Etiquette in Japan

Your Japanese counterparts appreciate any effort you make to understand their culture. They rely on recommendations, so seek an introduction from someone you know when pursuing new business endeavors. The Japanese are punctual for both business meetings and social engagements.

Corporate hierarchy is important and may determine with whom you meet, although, you should expect initial negotiations to begin with middle management. Your Japanese colleagues value work groups, don’t prefer a competitive atmosphere and avoid confrontation. While business meetings are formal in style, all team members contribute during the decision making process.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Japan

Japan has an advanced IT infrastructure, which will make finding the best collaborative software products relatively easy. These are our recommendations of products that work well with teams in the Japanese market.

Cloud Computing in Japan

Japan is number 1 on the 2016 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard. They achieved this status by implementing up-to-date laws that bolster their cloud computing capabilities and digital economy. Japan is setting the bar for the international community with their privacy law, intellectual property, and cybercrime legislation.

Japan has the most broadband users in the world, and their network is second to none. In the past decade, Japan has been strategically proactive with no fewer than six internet technological updates. Their efforts place them at the top of the list for effective broadband infrastructures globally.


As you prepare to initiate contact with your counterparts in Japan, remember that Japanese business meetings are formal. When managing projects for your Japanese clients, be punctual, polite and non-confrontational. They value each team member’s input and take it into account when making decisions, so allow extra time in your project timeline for their collaborative decision making process.

Choose project management software that supports your Japanese team. Paying attention to cultural distinctions sets the tone for a great collaboration!

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