Top 3 Project Management Applications for Indonesia

When working with project teams overseas, it’s a good idea to explore any cultural differences that may prevent a successful project outcome. Consider these things before starting your collaboration with clients in Indonesia.

Corporate Etiquette in Indonesia

Indonesians prefer in person business meetings when possible, and while they expect you to arrive on time, they may be late. It is customary to present your business card to the receptionist upon arrival, as well as to the person with whom you have your meeting. Take time during your initial encounter to build a personal relationship, and demonstrate patience, as your Indonesian counterparts prefer to take things more slowly.

Negotiate with top-level executives after a referral from a mutual acquaintance if possible, and maintain an agreeable, non-confrontational tone during discussions. Prepare to work on project details with those at the operation level, but return again to the top ranking executives for discussions later in the project timeline. Indonesians understand the need for contracts when working with those from Western countries, but keep in mind that they view contracts more as guidelines.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Indonesia

You want to facilitate the best, most cohesive interaction possible. When working with clients located in Indonesia, remember that some software products may work better than others. Consider these for the Indonesian market.

Cloud Computing in Indonesia

Due to significant improvements in their information technology infrastructure, Indonesia sits as number 20 on the 2016 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard. The government began implementation of a plan to increase broadband saturation in 2014.  4 million workers in small to medium businesses, and more than 200 million mobile phone subscribers create demand.

However, as Indonesia continues to update and amend procedures and laws in the IT segment, results don’t always positively affect cloud-computing capability. Cloud service providers must register their services, with some providers having to establish local centers and hire staff, which hinders progress.


When working with clients and contacts in Indonesia, be punctual to meetings and have your business cards ready! Take time to develop a personal relationship. Select project management software that supports your Indonesian counterparts, and helps them communicate successfully with you. Always review any cultural nuances prior to contact. This attention to detail will assist your colleagues when collaborating with Indonesian partners.

Rebekah Peterman

Rebekah has a Bachelor’s Degree in Counseling and a Master of Science Degree in Personnel Services in the School of Education. She’s participated in projects including editing/writing/publishing and blog articles, and is currently writing informative articles on the topic of project management.