Top 3 Project Management Applications for Greece

As a PM, you may be managing a project for a client or working with an off-site team member from Greece. Understanding these cultural differences before your initial engagement will help you create a successful collaboration.

Corporate Etiquette in Greece

While they may be late to a business meeting, your counterparts in Greece will expect you to be punctual. Prepare for informal meetings, possibly with no established agenda, that will most likely be with the owner or his/her most trusted second. Greeks prefer in person contact and value establishing trust.

The workday starts early, ends at lunchtime, but may start up again in the evening. Be sure to get things in writing with appropriate signatures, and be prepared to meet on the same topic more than once, as Greeks value unanimous decisions.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Greece

When working with teammates in Greece, bear in mind that some software products may work better than others. Facilitating the best possible collaboration is paramount. Here are the software products that are well-matched for the Greek market.

Cloud Computing in Greece

The European Union is working to improve policies that will facilitate the coordination of laws across Europe. In 2016, the European Commission adopted the Privacy Shield agreement that allows data sharing across international borders. Greece individually, however, has not made considerable progress in comparison to other EU members.

Greeks are actively using the internet, but poor digital competency is slowing progress. Greece hosted/will host both the Eighth International Conference on Cloud Computing, GRIDs, and Virtualization and The International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology this year.


When working with contacts in Greece, include extra time in your schedule for personal engagement. Focus on establishing trust before discussing business. Communicating and sharing information with ease is essential. With this in mind, select software that supports your Greek counterparts’ technological capabilities. Considering cultural differences will help you produce the best possible outcome.

Rebekah Peterman

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