Top 3 Project Management Applications for Finland

Collaborating with foreign business partners is an excellent opportunity to see how business works in other parts of the world. Here are some things you should know when working with colleagues in Finland.

Corporate Etiquette in Finland

Your Finnish counterparts will be punctual for business meetings and social occasions, so be on time. You can plan to get right into business agenda items once your meeting starts.

The managing director is in charge, and takes point in negotiations. Finns take their time, including literal moments of silence while they contemplate next steps. Be patient, quiet, and wait until your foreign colleagues are ready to move on.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Finland

Your collaborative software facilitates your project’s success. Here are our recommendations for the Finnish market.

Cloud Computing in Finland

Finland is in 2nd place on the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), ranking as one of the strongest countries internationally. Internet access and usage is high. This coupled with the overall population’s tech savvy abilities facilitates a strong workforce that energizes growth and productivity.

Finnish businesses embrace new technologies like cloud computing. Eurostat figures show Finland to have the highest percentage of cloud computing usage among the European Union countries.


Finns are reliable, loyal and independent. Privacy is important to them, so be aware that they are generally shy and not comfortable striking up conversations with strangers. Attire is informal but conservative in general.

They love their country and culture, both past and present. They appreciate nature and are well-known for taking care of their environment.

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