Top 3 Project Management Applications for Chile

Managing global projects can provide great insight into how other countries conduct business. Here are some things to know when working with teammates in Chile.

Corporate Etiquette in Chile

You’ll notice that among the South American countries, Chile has a more conventional business environment, but Chileans still prefer a laid back pace compared to North American or European companies. Family, friends, and personal connections are important to your foreign colleagues, so allow plenty of time to get to know each other.

While the whole team weighs in, the decision maker will be a top-level executive whose assistant plays a key role regarding access to that executive. Chileans prefer meeting in person, taking time and engaging in light conversations and candid negotiations. Be punctual, prepared, present clearly defined financial terms, and get everything in writing.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Chile

Be sure to know the technological capabilities of your international counterparts, and choose your collaborative tools well. Here are our recommendations for the Chilean market.

Cloud Computing in Chile

Chile is #33 on the 2018 Global Connectivity Index (GCI) making the country one of the most advanced and thriving digital economies in South America. They excel in broadband access and coverage while consistently progressing in subscription and saturation rates. The country has a strong infrastructure and has above average quality and security.

President Pinera is working to develop Chile’s cloud computing capabilities, creating a South American hub for digital services. Policy and educational improvements would increase the amount of skilled workers in the cloud-computing field.


Chileans are patriotic, proud of their educational accomplishments, and respectful of family. While reserved initially, they are sincere and friendly.

In Chile, expect your business lunch to take a while, and be sure to incorporate proper European dining etiquette. Chileans prefer refined, conservative attire, and where you stay on your visit will make an impression as well. Men dress in traditional, dark suits for work, and women wear suits or dresses.

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