Top 3 Project Management Applications for Austria

When working with international business partners, take time to research any cultural nuances that may affect how you collaborate on your project. Here are some things to consider when working with colleagues in Austria.

Corporate Etiquette in Austria

Austrians are punctual and require the same from you, so be on time. Anticipate a brief getting acquainted period before starting business discussions. A top down management style is common, with a small group holding the negotiating authority.

In Austria, business and politics go hand-in-hand, so expect your foreign colleagues to be cautious when giving information to you or when speaking about others. Austrians make business decisions slowly, so consider this when establishing your project timeline.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Austria

Your collaborative software selection is key to great communication. Here are our recommendations for the Austrian market.

Cloud Computing in Austria

Watch for an increase in cloud computing IT services as Austrian companies strive toward legal and security improvements. An increased number of startups will create development prospects in the Austrian market. While not yet considered an advanced cloud computing country, adoption of these services is expanding in Austria.

Several barriers to cloud development include overall financial, IT, legislative and governmental issues. International providers have struggled to enter the Austrian market.


Austrians are proper and reserved in demeanor. They like to dress well for business regardless of title or position. Keep in mind that while they share a language, Austrians have their own unique customs, different from their German neighbors.

When shaking hands with your foreign business partners, remember that in Austria, it’s customary for a woman to extend her hand first. Observing titles is important, so be sure to use the title and last name of your business colleagues unless invited to use first names.

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