Top 3 Project Management Applications for Argentina

Building in Argentina

When working for an international firm, you may manage a project for a foreign client. Anticipate and mitigate potential issues by considering the following when collaborating with business partners in Argentina!

Corporate Etiquette in Argentina

A general theme throughout the Argentine culture is that everything happens slower. This includes your understanding that your counterparts see the start time of a meeting as flexible, that you should take time to cultivate personal relationships, make business decisions gradually and anticipate that meetings may go over if going well, even if that means missing your next appointment! Realize that close physical proximity is an Argentinian custom, and be attentive but avoid using gestures, as they may mean something different to your foreign colleagues.

Protocol for business meetings includes greeting and seating guest, making sure to seat the senior executives on your team opposite the Argentine senior staff. Your Argentine liaison should be an executive in his/her firm and someone equipped to assist in navigating the Argentinian governmental regulations.

Top 3 Project Management Applications for Argentina

You want to facilitate the best, most cohesive interaction possible for your project team. When working with clients located in Argentina, remember that some software products may work better than others may. Here are the software products that you may find are best suited for the Argentine market.

Cloud Computing in Argentina

Argentina is technologically developed. However, access is still lacking in rural areas, which could be due to insufficient competition among broadband providers. By July 2015, most of the planned broadband fiber optic network was in place or under construction.

Argentina received an overall ranking of 16 for cloud computing readiness according to the 2016 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard. Open-source software legislation has yet to pass, and there is no obligatory product choice in Argentina.


When working with clients and contacts in Argentina, make time for their slower pace. Focus on cultivating a personal connection. Select the best collaborative software that supports your Argentinian counterparts’ technological capabilities. By considering different cultural nuances before your initial engagement, you will create an atmosphere for an effective partnership and project outcome.

Rebekah Peterman

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