Top 10 Signs of Unhappy Employees

Signs of Unhappy EmployeesIn the modern business environment, leaders find themselves in extremely busy schedules and often focus on just getting through myriads of obligations. They end up missing or ignoring the various signs of discontent from the employees. The signs that the employees are unhappy, if left unattended, can result to very serious impacts on the performance of the organization. Leaders, who focus on employees’ happiness on top of the productivity and bottom line results, have a greater competitive advantage. Happy employees will definitely deliver beyond the expectations. Knowing these signs will therefore mitigate the unwanted consequences in the organization. The following are the ten signs that your employees are unhappy:

1. Lack of Energy and Motivation

Lack of energy indicates a lack of interest, and when there is a tangible and collective energy in an organization, people are ready to share ideas, and the working atmosphere becomes lively. What follows is the success in every aspect of the organization.

2. Employees ‘Going Through the Motions’

This is a state whereby employees tend to perform the minimum of their duties just for the sake of it, without actually believing it is of great importance. This is an indication that something is not right.

3. Little or No Creativity/Innovation

Lack of creativity means no ideas are being shared, with little or no combined effort being put by the employees. This means no dynamics in the organization.

4. Increased Rate of Turnover

Many employees abandon their work just because they aren’t comfortable with their managers or the supervisors, meaning that even though they had a great passion for their job, their morale ends up getting diminished by the leaders, and they end up downing their tools eventually.

5. Increased Rate of Absenteeism

Employees do not want to work in a place where there is no opportunity for growth and recognition. People want to work in a place where they are motivated. Absenteeism means that the desire to be at work is long gone.

6. Employee Survey Continuously Yields Same Results

This simply means that the employees are not happy with whatever is going on, and do not have the belief that things can change when nothing has changed in the past.

7. Difficulties in Acquiring New Talent

Lack of new inventions in an organization means that the ideas will keep on being recycled, which brings no inspirations and leaves the employees totally unhappy.

8. Blame Game

When leaders put all the blame on employees, for every negative result, the employees get highly demotivated. An awesome leader always strives towards creating happy employees in order to achieve positive results.

9. Employee Not Caring About Customer Satisfaction

If this happens, it means that he/she is not engaged or is unhappy. In this case, training is highly recommended.

10. Stagnant Growth

Lack of growth means that something is missing. When the employees are engaged, they are happy and it applies to the clients, which in-turn makes the organization grow and yield better results.

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