TimeCamp Integrates with 10 Popular Task Manager Software

timecamp logoTimeCamp is a simple-to-use time tracking software with many great features such as graphical timesheet, manual and automatic time tracking, invoicing, comprehensive reports with filtering functionality, timesheet approval, budgeting and more. In today’s modern work environment of fast-changing business and market landscapes, having all the right tools and features to be efficient, transparent, adaptive and productive can make the big difference. Task management software is another essential business and productivity tool that helps teams and organizations be organized and successful in delivering projects, products or services.

TimeCamp is a great software not only because of the relevant features that allow it to be an effective time tracker that people actually use, but because also of the important integrations it has with popular task and project management software that people are already using as part of their business process. Below are 10 task managers that work seamlessly well with TimeCamp.

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1. Basecamp

basecamp-logoBasecamp is a web-based, browser-friendly project management software. It is one of the earliest to launch as a project management SaaS. It also maintains a simple philosophy that focuses on core PM functionality and collaboration. As such, TimeCamp integration brings a very important feature for managing timesheets, time tracking of billable and non-billable hours, as well as timesheet approval automation. And basecamp users can perform all this without leaving their favorite PM application.
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2. Targetprocess

targetprocess 3 logoTargetprocess is an online agile project management software that allows users to plan, track and manage their projects from a single location. It is a visual and flexible project management application that allows for custom approach and workflows. TimeCamp provides time tracking capability for the boards, cards, lists as well as Timesheets and Approval.
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3. Teamwork

teamwork logo darkTeamwork.com has a suite of products that include Projects, Desk and Chat. These products are designed to work best together but also can be implemented separately. It is also designed to work seamlessly with many online tools including TimeCamp. The TimeCamp integration allows Teamwork users to track time, to create timesheets and invoices easily. They can record time spent on projects, tasks, or issues without leaving Teamwork applications.
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jira logoJIRA is an issue and project tracking software that has many features including flexible project tracking and support for agile teams and processes. JIRA also has customizable workflows and great integrations. TimeCamp provides time tracking for each issue or task, as well as Timesheet and Approval features. Insight gained on how much time is spent on working on an issue or task is valuable in providing better service and attaining higher productivity.
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5. Active Collab

active collab logo newActive Collab is a project management software that has task management, team collaboration, time tracking and invoicing features. What the TimeCamp integration can add to these features are the Timesheet Approval and productivity analysis that can provide insights to Active Collab teams in how they are spending their time on specific tasks and clients.
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6. Asana

asana new logoAsana is an easy-to-use project tracking and work management software that has recently rebranded and launched a redesigned interface. It is now easier for users to see work getting done by their teams and to collaborate with ideas that can easily be turned into tasks. Asana users can track the time for their tasks with the TimeCamp integration without leaving Asana. It is great for teams to know how they are spending their time on specific tasks and projects, as well as gaining insight on how to move work forward more effectively.
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7. Trello

trello-logoTrello is a visual project management software that uses boards and cards to manage information, images, lists, comments, attachments, and more. Drag-and-drop user interface makes it easy to use. TimeCamp integration allows Trello users to track time on any board or card without leaving Trello. It is a great application especially for teams to be able to gain insight into how time is spent on projects. The Timesheets and Approvals features in TimeCamp provides the most benefit.
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8. Podio

podio logo newPodio is a highly customizable project management software that puts work details, conversations, status and attachments in one page for easier collaboration. TimeCamp brings Timesheets and time tracking to all the Podio projects and tasks. Podio users can register the time they spend working on each item in their workspaces, whether entering time manually or running the timer for auto time tracking. They can even use a Chrome plugin to measure time of their activities in completing deliverables.
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9. Wunderlist

wunderlist logoWunderlist is a cross-platform application for managing to-do lists. It is available for free on different platforms and devices, so users can have their to-dos always in-sync wherever they are. TimeCamp adds another important capability by enabling Wunderlist users to track time while they work on tasks and have the information and insight regardless of the device they are using. Not only are their to-do lists in sync, but also the information on how they can spend or have spent their time on their tasks.
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10. Redmine

Redmine LogoRedmine is an online open source project management application. It is cross-platform and cross-database with many features such as support for multiple projects, flexible issue tracking system, Gantt charts, document management, email notification and time tracking. TimeCamp adds the functionality of Timesheets and Approvals to Redmine and allows their users to complete their time entry without leaving the PM application.
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TimeCamp is a great tool to integrate with existing task and project management applications. To know more of its complete feature set and the latest improvements continuously being made on it, visit their Twitter, Facebook or Google+ page.

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